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“Hey, don't sleep in class.” That same instructor poked my shoulder.

I sat up slowly, but I didn't reply to them. I wasn't really sleeping, but I knew they didn't see it that way.

My eyes still hurt when the light hit them again. I looked over and saw that the instructor was still glaring at me from the other side of the class. I had never really gotten along with him, but I didn't care about them at all. He told us to do several assignments and handed out several papers to us. I understood the material and filled out the sheet like they ordered. My writing was a bit messy, so I had to write down my answers several times so it would be somewhat legible. When I finished, I set it aside and started to write down my thoughts on a separate piece of paper. My mind went back to the program I was working on. I wrote down multiple algorithms and allowed my mind to release all of its thoughts.

“That doesn't look like the material we're reviewing.” They were glaring at me again.

Handing the paper to them, I could see that they were annoyed. That annoyed look stayed on their face when they walked away and tried to read what I'd wrote on the assignment. My attention went back to what I was writing down. Seeing a minor flaw, I worked on a solution for the rest of the class as no other assignments are handed out. I was enjoying myself thoroughly even though I'd normally be stressed because of how many people were talking. What I was doing held my attention before my mind went returned to the memories from yesterday. I really wished that had never happened. I knew that I probably had over reacted, but what had happened yesterday made it one of more difficult moments of my life. The unneeded form of contact was only added stress to my already panicked mind.

The image of what colour his eyes were was somehow interesting. I had no idea why I was thinking about him. He was still in my mind when the class ended and I found that it only grew to be annoying. The weather was still favourable, but I was still hesitant about walking home. Staring at the thoughts I'd written down on the page, I wasn't sure of what to do.

“That's very complex work you have there.” I heard someone say from beside me.

“What do you want, Darek?”

“You remembered my name, that's reassuring. But seriously, did you come up with that yourself?”

“It's none of your business.”

“Going to hack into something, maybe?”

“Excuse me?”

“The script is familiar.”

I found it odd how he'd know something like that. From what other people had said about him, it didn't seem like he was one to take interest in this sort of thing. How would he find something like this interesting? He was another person and he wasn't any different from anyone else, in my opinion. I didn't want him looking at my notes, but I continued to let the fact that he was interested fascinate me.

“Can I take a look?” He asked.

“You've already done that.” I avoided his eyes.

“It looks really complex, though.”

“Stop trying to flatter me.”

“Of course, that wasn't intended.” He replied in a sly tone.

“I don't even know how you can read this.”

“It's not really that difficult.”

I thought deeply about his proposition. My instinct said not to trust him with my thoughts, but again, something else disagreed. The smile on his face was oddly reassuring. When I noticed what he was doing, I saw that he had the papers I'd written on in his hands and he was looking over them carefully.

“This is really interesting.”

“How would someone like you even know what that's about?”

The End

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