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I applied bandages to my hands rather clumsily and blood quickly stained them. There wasn't really anything else I could do to make the pain go away. I couldn't do anything about the fact that I was still shaking and rather panicked. I considered taking another one of those pills, but they'd advised me not to take them that often. Feeling somewhat desperate, I took out the bottle and took one despite their warning. I couldn't tolerate it anymore. Almost immediately, I broke out in a cold sweat and my head hurt even more than before. That had happened before and I knew that I deserved this. I only hoped that I wouldn't get sick this time. After a few minutes, the side effects had gotten so bad that I thought I was going to die. Everything felt like I was on fire and was incredibly sore. Those dark thoughts even stayed. I lost my balance when my vision blurred suddenly and I hit the wall rather hard. I saw blackness for a moment. There was a nasty cut on my head from the fall and I had to cover that up too. This was really turning out to be more than I could handle. The pain eventually turned numb and I was able to compose myself again. My head still hurt from both exhaustion and from hitting that wall. Going out the door and to the next class, I saw that more time had passed than what I thought and I desperately forced myself to try and get there on time. The strain only added to my distress. When I got there, I sat down at a desk and took out the book we were supposed to read. I had barely got there on time. My head started to sting around halfway through the class and when I touched the area, I found that it was rather swollen. I had to fight the fatigue that was now making my eyelids heavy. The instructor hadn't asked the class to do anything group-related and I was glad for that. I found that other people were giving me weird looks, even more so than usual. Shrugging them off, I paid little attention to them and continued to read the parts we were told to. The instructor looked a bit concerned, but didn't say anything about it. I was glad they didn't. When the class ended, I had regained myself mostly and I could focus without much difficulty. It was snowing outside and I wasn't looking forward to walking in that again. I was waiting until the wind died down a little before going out, but it didn't seem to be at all. It was much too cold outside for me to survive the walk back. The issue with my lungs would resurface again, I was sure. I wasn't sure what I could do at the moment. I hadn't brought any money for a cab home and I knew I couldn't call my father. It was starting to get dark out and I grew panicked again. Walking out into the storm, I fought against the wind as I kept being knocked over. Quickly growing cold and feeling the pain again, I was almost certain that I wasn't able to push myself like this for much longer. Much like I expected, I tasted blood in my mouth and my lungs felt like they were on fire. My vision started to blur and turn dark. I felt the ground rush up to me moments later. There was then a bright flash and then the sound of a car's horn. That was drowned out and I sunk into darkness.

“Hey. Can you hear me? Wake up.” Said a concerned voice from nearby.

I heard them do something, but I couldn't seem to open my eyes to find out exactly what.

“Damnit, she's too cold.” They mumbled miserably.

As much as I tried to gather my strength, I found myself to be losing it quickly. Where I was seemed to be seemed warmer than where I was before. I felt something warm against my head and the cut that was there stung slightly.

“Come on, I know you're there.”

I struggled for a while until I could open my eyes. My vision was blurry and I couldn't see who was beside me. The scent of where I was wasn't at all familiar and that alone caused panic. Before I managed to even see clearly, I sat up and tried to escape. Someone grabbed my arm and I was forced to sit back down.

“Relax, you can't risk fainting again, miss.”

I stared at him and I found that it was that guy from earlier.

The End

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