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Feeling several undesirable thoughts enter my head, I looked to the side of the desk and saw numerous pill bottles lined up there. I had little choice but to take them every few days so I wouldn't lose myself to the dark concepts that would run through my mind. Just thinking about them caused my state to become anxious and stressed. It had been several days since I'd taken them last and if I didn't chose to now, I might get lost again. Reluctantly taking one of the bottles, I struggled to open the lid for a moment. I took several out and forced myself to swallow them without any reluctance. Those ideas that were in my mind were forced out immediately. I was glad because I hated not being in control. Why I was like this, I wasn't sure. One might say it was due to the pressure and stress I'd received from my step-mother and classmates. I grew rather upset again and I remembered once that I'd actually hurt myself because of my unstable state before. It had happened several times actually, and I still had the scars. I forced those thoughts away again and they managed to disappear. Looking back at the computer screen, I tried to return to what I was doing before, but I couldn't seem to focus. After a few minutes, I felt a headache start to cause pain to my mind. This needless stress caused strong fatigue and I had trouble keeping my eyes open. I knew I'd said I would talk to OpalSnow later, but I was much too tired. Putting the computer into a standby state, I got up and walked over to my bed, again falling asleep the second I touched the blankets.

I thought that same dream would come again, but to my surprise, it didn't. Before I could see anything, the sound of rain could be heard and it was almost deafening. I opened my eyes and tried to look around and I wasn't surprised to find that I couldn't. My dreams never made any sense, so there wasn't much they could do to catch me off-guard anymore. The scenery was dark before me and I could see light coming in from somewhere outside. Strangely, there weren't any blinds covering the window and I could see the rain pour from the night sky right out the window. I could tell that the light was coming from somewhere down below and it took me some time to figure out where my dreams had put me this time. I seemed to be in a room of some apartment building. This surely was strange; why was I here? The scene faded before my eyes when I heard someone speak from beside me.

“They'll be here shortly, you have to get out of here.” They spoke a few more words I couldn't comprehend and then that muted out, as well.

Their words were replaced by someone else as I seemingly returned to consciousness.

My room was like it always was, so I wasn't surprised to be greeted by darkness when I woke up. I briefly felt a bit ashamed for sleeping most of the weekend away. The television was still on when I looked to the other side of the room. There was a light on behind my door and I could tell someone was behind it. It took me a moment to guess who it could be, and when I figured it out, I grew a bit annoyed. I tried to not make a noise so that she would think that I was asleep.

“Get out here, do you honestly think I'll just let your ignorance slide this time?” My step-mother's voice from the other side of the door.

I mumbled to myself and walked up to it and opened the door to come face to face with her. Her gaze was quite discouraging and I did my best to avoid her eyes. She seemed to grow annoyed when I hadn't replied to her.

“Have you got nothing to say for yourself? We were out looking for you since yesterday!”

“We?” I asked cynically.

“Yes, your father and I. He had to return to work a while ago. You were out way past midnight and after your curfew.”

“I don't believe your words. Father doesn't have the time to waste to be doing something so pointless.”

“He cares deeply about you, we both do. You know this, Blake.”

The End

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