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I read over the text several times before sending it back to him. Very rarely, I would make mistakes, but in the end, I guess I was only human. For most things that I couldn't pick up on, I'd have the programs I'd written do that for me. At times like this, I was glad for them as I was correct about not being able to see every error that was in here.

BlackSky: Is this what you wanted?

OpalSnow: Yeah, thank you so much. I swear, some of these mistakes are just embarrassing.

BlackSky: It happens. You need anything else from me?

OpalSnow: The is one more thing, but I doubt you want to hear it again.

BlackSky: If it's about meeting out there, then I'm not interested.

OpalSnow: Thought so. Was worth a shot, haha.

BlackSky: Contact me when you have something more productive to talk about.

OpalSnow: Yeah, okay.

He didn't reply after that, so I went back to working on the code from yesterday. I updated the log where I wrote in everything that I did. Yesterday had been much too exhausting for my poor mind, so I had to fill it out for yesterday, too. Even if I didn't do anything productive that day, I'd have to write it down.

OpalSnow: Can I ask why you don't want to meet up at least once?

BlackSky: I'm not one to really be with other people. Please try to understand that.

OpalSnow: Have you tried?

BlackSky: Yes, and they're just more trouble than they're worth.

OpalSnow: You don't know what I'd be like, though?

BlackSky: I guess you have a point, but I need to consider your proposition first.

OpalSnow: This has obviously been on my mind for a long time now, I can only assume that it's at least crossed yours at least once.

BlackSky: The more we discuss this, the less willing I'll be to do what you want.

OpalSnow: Okay, okay. Sorry. I've got to go somewhere now. Will you be here later?

BlackSky: Most possibly.

OpalSnow: I hope we can talk later, then.

BlackSky: Likewise.

It showed his state as offline after a few moments. He had been asking for us to meet for quite some time now; I had made the mistake of telling him which city I lived in and apparently he lived close by. This didn't make me feel anymore inclined to be with him, though. I had to admit, that I appreciated his mind more so than his personality and I knew that I were ever to actually meet him that this is what would drive me away. Taking a drink from the flat soda that was several days old, I didn't mind the rather bitter taste it left in my mouth. I wondered when my step-mother would be home. Surely, she'd cause some drama over something meaningless and suddenly make my day far more interesting. I heard nothing upstairs, so I decided to go back to working on the code from before. Without him knowing, I'd saved every little thing OpalSnow had sent me, both the original draft and the one I'd edited. I couldn't care less for what he'd thought of this; it wasn't like he needed to know, either. He tested my patience the other day when he'd sent a picture of a kitten over the messaging program. For a slight moment in time, I had thought that it was amusing, but then logic intervened and I shrugged off his rather tasteless joke.

The End

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