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I was much too curious about this person and it often led me off-track when I needed to apply myself to menial tasks. Those other people within that forum were no longer interesting as they presented no further ideas that would make my mind numb with fascination. I left them behind without a word, of course; I thought that it would be better that way. He had fallowed me, too. Back then, I was annoyed that he'd added me as a contact to his instant messaging list, but I guess that in the end, it paid off. Somewhat. I found it odd that he had agreed with my opinion about those people, and just people in general. It wasn't like I thought that I was the only one who saw it that way, but it was still surprising. His text was simple as it was inviting. It by no means begged for a conversation and I couldn't help but submit to my curiosity and reply to him.

BlackSky: You called?

OpalSnow: Yeah, I thought you could use some company.

BlackSky: I never asked for that, but I guess I could kill some time.

OpalSnow: Still as cold as ever, haha.

BlackSky: What do you wish to discuss?

OpalSnow: Oh, well I was wondering about a few things, really. First, I wrote up several lines of script, but I can't seem to get them to function as planned. Mind taking a look at them?

BlackSky: Mind saying a little more about what they're for?

OpalSnow: To be honest, it's for a project in the class I am taking. I am so clueless, it's embarrassing.

BlackSky: Fine. Send them to me and I'll look them over.

OpalSnow: I appreciate it. (:

He then sent the files and I accepted them. I took a moment to have them scanned as I couldn't risk being reckless around another person. They seemed to be safe and I opened them to read the text. There were several errors here and there, but the code itself, was impressive. This only made my more grow to be more curious of this person. I read it over carefully and corrected several lines. If this were my own code, I'd add a few lines to tweak it further, but I had to remind myself not to let him know. I considered the programs we made were an expression of our identity as we'd pour ourselves out into the countless lines of text until we'd tire ourselves out. If I were to modify it even the slightest, it would no longer count as such. Merely correcting the small errors was acceptable, I found.

BlackSky: This is impressive, I must say.

OpalSnow: You think so? I haven't really shown it to anyone else, yet.

BlackSky: I assume that this is some code for an application meant to dismantle statements into shorter, simpler terms?

OpalSnow: Yeah, would save a lot of time for people like us, right?

BlackSky: Probably.

OpalSnow: Are the mistakes that much of an eyesore?

BlackSky: They are within my tolerances.

OpalSnow: I'm going to assume that's a good thing.

BlackSky: It is. I've seen some godawful codes out there. Just give a few more minutes and it should be edited correctly.

OpalSnow: As always, nothing but correcting the terms, right?

BlackSky: It's your code. The interest I have in modifying it wouldn't benefit either of us.

OpalSnow: If you say so.

The End

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