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My other projects weren't that much different from this program. Seeing as how much time I had to myself, I decided to take this up as a hobby. To spend countless hours at night tinkering away at the code was such bliss, I found. The other programs I'd concocted I had backed up on several external drives and other such devices. One of my most clever and most amusing ones involved showing a user a desktop that wouldn't function if they ever were to figure out how to get past the numerous passwords I'd set up. All of these were programs I'd put together, too. I was rather proud of my work and I always pushed myself to learn more about this particular subject.

Numerous plans and schematics ran through my mind as I tried to sleep. Normally, I'd write them down on the pieces of paper I'd have strewn everywhere, but I was much too tired to do so at the moment. The only thing I could use these thoughts for were for my own pleasure. To some, those papers would look disorganized and dishevelled, but I knew where each page was and which information was on it. My roomed seemed to be as cluttered as my mind was most days. This thought was amusing as well and I decided to expand on it some more before I drifted off to sleep.

My room was still somewhat dark when I finally woke up. The blinds I'd covered the windows with truly provided much relief from the sun. Light in any sense wasn't something I was fond of and the glare often resulted in headaches after a long enough exposure. I felt the aches from yesterday resurface as I sat up slowly. There was bruise on my side when I pulled up the shirt to look at the sore area. I changed the clothes I wore and put the others in a pile beside the dresser. Taking them into the laundry room right outside my door, I put them in the machine and added the soap and turned it on. I was pretty self sufficient; I figured that I had to be as such because I knew I was the only one I could rely on. My name was Blake Skye, the name of course, was my biological mother's idea. I briefly wondered where she was now. They had told me that she had died when I was young, but I couldn't bring myself to believe them.

Growing a bit hungry, I went upstairs to find some food. Making some cereal, I went back downstairs. I didn't like being in any other room in this house when no one was here. This only grew tolerable if I ever left the television on, for some reason. I had a small one downstairs that I often left on just because I grew to be too lonely sometimes. Even just hearing the lady talk about the weather was reassuring. I watched the screen for a few minutes while my mind drifted elsewhere again. The faint glow from outside shone through the bit of the window that the blinds hadn't covered. Standing up to close them further, I curiously peeked outside. The snow was slowly falling down from the sky. The scene was calming, but it eventually grew too bright for my eyes and I shut out the light quickly. I sat back down and continued to eat the rather plain tasting cereal. When I glanced over at my computer screen, I was beckoned towards it and I helplessly sat in front of it again. Surpassing my own programs I'd built to deter intruders, I found that the instant messaging program was blinking. I rubbed my eyes and I saw that the words were blurry, so I put on my glasses and read the message again. I often had to wear them whenever my eyes bothered me. Though, this was becoming more frequent, I did my best to not let this hinder my will. The message was from someone I'd been talking to for the last few years. Of course, it had been on and off, as that is what life often dealt us, but they were one of the very few people whose presence I tolerated. We had met on a forum that was basically a bunch of coders who discussed their programs. Of course, I never gave away information that had to do with the code I, myself had created.

These people had captured my interest for quite some time, and even more so that one person who somehow stood out. He had joined the forums several months after I did and what drew me towards him was the fact that he was much like a sponge, he took in all information and applied it efficiently. I wondered if he was like me and had several programs he wouldn't reveal to anyone else.

The End

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