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Opening the door, I was a bit impressed with myself because of how quickly I got the door open. Of course, this hadn't been the first time I'd been able to unlock a door this way. I found that there weren't many I couldn't open, really. Inside of the house was dark, so I assumed that no one else was here. In some way, I felt relieved because I felt rather tired and a bit sore from sleeping outside. The reason why I had chosen to do that was because I'd gotten into an argument with with my mother. She wasn't my biological mother, but I was supposed to treat her like she was. I just barely managed to do this though as the woman meant close to nothing to me. She knew of my opinion regarding her and I was given the cold shoulder most of the time. I knew this person would never be able to accept me as a part of their family. In that case, I wondered what she thought of my father. I was certain that she only stuck around him because of the money and nothing else. Lately, her tolerance with me was wearing down and I was often forced out of the house. My father knew nothing of this, of course. He worked long hours and I didn't get to see him very much. Whenever I did, we got along just fine. My step-mother did have a job, but I had no idea what it was even though she'd been in my life for several years.

It was too quiet as I walked carefully through the house. I was careful not to knock anything over. Our house was fairly large and I enjoyed staying inside most of the time. It was cold and unwelcoming outside around this time of year, but that didn't really matter. Outside, there were people and I wanted nothing to do with them. They only got in my way and treated me like I was dirt, so I assumed it was only fair to be this way to them, as well. During my classes, I didn't speak to anyone and I never took the time to get to know people. Because of this, I was pegged as an easy target for their verbal abuse. Whenever they resorted to such means, I could only find it amusing that they would try to bring me down to their level. That person who'd spoken to me earlier was from my class; I knew I didn't want him to tell others that I had slept outside on a bench. There wasn't really much I could do about it, though. I was rather short and I was quite the opposite of intimidating. My eyes were a strange shade of green and blue. My hair was black and short and it barely went past my shoulders. Despite my appearance and my low opinion of myself, others were sure to avoid contact with me.

Something caught my attention when it fell to the floor. Cursing to myself, I hoped that it wasn't broken. Whenever I thought to myself, I seemed to lose focus on what was happening otherwise. I was usually able to come back to this world before anything too serious happened. Putting the vase back on the table, I went over to the closet and took off my soaked coat and boots. It was too dark for me to see anything and I couldn't assume I was alone just yet. I took off my socks as well because they were getting far too uncomfortable for my liking. Before going downstairs to my room, I checked my pockets to see if I'd left anything in there. I knew that I shouldn't bring anything with me if I were going to sleep outside that night as it would probably get stolen. This was probably why I'd left my keys here. Feeling nothing, I went down the hall and carefully walked down the stairs. I was relieved to find that I'd left my door locked and that this hadn't changed when I tried to open it. Taking out the hairpin again, I opened it and went through. I had made a life for myself down here. There were several papers and such strewn about. The light of my computer faintly lit up the room and I went and sat in front of it. There were plastic bottles of drinks from a few days ago that I hadn't finished and I'd just left them there without any consideration. The computer woke from sleep when I moved the mouse, the time on the screen read 3:45 am. The program I had left running was one I'd been working on for quite some time now. My goal was to create something much like a bot that could hack into a server and change several values, preferably to my favour. The program ran almost perfectly, but it still required a few more tweaks to aid its performance. As tired as I was, I was almost excited to read through its code once more. I spotted several typos and added a few more lines of code before I became too tired to see clearly.

The End

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