My mind felt like it was spinning as I slowly plummeted into unconsciousness, the scenery around me was drowned out and I was met with darkness again. The same dream occurred one more. There were three doors before me, all identical. I remembered this very clearly and I knew what would happen if I were to approach them. They would fade out and my mind would go elsewhere. I decided to wait this time and see if anything were to change. Much to my dismay, the doors faded and I was soon met with more of them, only dozens lined up in some sort of hallway. This truly made no sense at all. One could assume from a philosophical point of view that they represented the paths one would take throughout their life and how you could end up at the same point no matter what you chose. I was never one to believe in destiny or anything, but I was sure that these visions were trying to convey some meaning. Even if I wasn't able to take anything away from it, I doubted they would cease because of that. The doors stood still before my eyes as I walked up to one and tried the handle. It easily gave away and the door opened, revealing a blinding light. This hurt my eyes a great deal and everything I saw was pooled in light and I felt myself drift off again. I was immediately pulled back into my conscious state when I heard a faint voice somewhere close by. Reality quickly came rushing back and the blinding light I once saw was replaced by the night sky. I could then see a shadow looking down in my eyes.

“C'mon, get up, you can't sleep here.” His voice sounded vaguely familiar.

I didn't respond to his words as I sat up slowly and I could feel everything start to ache again. Rubbing my shoulder, I stood up and began to walk away. The person who'd just tried to talk to me came up to my side.

“You shouldn't be out here. Go home, alright?” He said.

After I'd heard his voice the first time, I'd decided that he wasn't worth bothering with and I continued to ignore him completely. The air was rather cold and I had trouble walking because of how much everything hurt. I grew a bit annoyed when I felt that my socks had gotten wet in my boots because of the snow. This was rather uncomfortable, but I tried to my best to ignore it.

“It's rude to ignore people.” His voice came again.

This person was at my side once more and I stopped and gave him a fixed glare. He seemed rather taken aback by my actions and looked very offended. Moments later, he then brushed it off and much to my annoyance, began to talk some more.

“Come on, I need to know that you won't try to sleep here again.”

“Please leave me alone.” I replied quietly.

“Tsk, this doesn't make my job any easier.” He sighed out of annoyance.

I said nothing else to him and kept walking, the cold feeling in my feet was getting very disheartening. This person eventually figured that I wouldn't talk anymore and left me alone. Walking the way back to where I lived was proving to be difficult and tiresome. The wind picked up and it grew even colder. I soon felt a sharp pain in my lungs from the effort I was putting forth. For the last few months, the pain had worsened considerably and I would sometimes cough up blood. It was probably because I was outside too often in this unforgiving weather without being warm enough or perhaps it was due to a possible infection of some sort. I rubbed my hands to try and keep them warm and them stuffed them into the pockets of my coat. It took a while until I came to the door of the house and stood at the door. For a moment, I was hesitant. I knew that I would be in serious trouble if I was caught coming inside at this hour. From what I could tell, it was around three in the morning. The door was locked and I grew a bit frustrated when I found that I'd forgotten the key. Taking out a hair pin, I bent it several times and took a deep breath. I sure hoped that I wouldn't break the lock by doing this, but it was a risk I had to take. The window was much too high and there was no way I could get through there without making a noise. I wasn't paying too much attention as I unconsciously picked at the lock and it undid successfully.

The End

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