Out through the window. Stare with my eyes, listen with my ears, taste with my mouth. The cold air rushes in through the gap in the window. It captures the whole room and seals it, bringing me in for a deep, cold hug. Frozen, locked in it's forceful arms. I do not resist this, I embrace it for all its worth. I love the winter.


The children have yet to come, experience this wonder. I picture the future, imagine them flock to the streets outside, with joy and glee. It warms my heart. On the trees, in front of me it smothers their leaves with a shield of white. Down below the grass changes colour, it used to be a harsh dark green, screaming to be watered, screaming for nature's beauty. On God's demand it is given, as the grass and even the plants weep for joy. Out on the streets behind me, the paths that used to carry human upon human, is now relinquished of it's duty as the snow comes in to settle. It cushions the hardened footpaths from heavy blows from the humans. It paves over the cracks that have widened, become more severe as the years have went on. They won't notice these cracks anymore. The footpaths can rest now.  The friendly robin hops gently leaving little footprints embedded in the snow. He is the only one who stays, when the kids go inside. It quietly chirps in this lonely street. Streetlights are lit, as they welcome the rare car that cautiously drives down this street.


It's picturesque, the snow is the epitome of winter. Every year we wish for it. A little additional present for our christmas. Will it come this year? 



The End

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