'it's snowing', i heard my cousin yelled as she ran down the stairs.'snow' i said,'oh my god'.'it's snowing'.as i ran to get my coat to go outside and witness this phenomenon.

Growing up in the caribbean,i always dreamt about the day i would experience snow,seeing it on television, i would loose myself in a day dream,pretending to skii or build a snow man and snow angels.

I remembered once my aunt was going to new york,during the winter there ,on a vacation, she asked me, 'what you like me to bring you back', i replied 'snow'.She just laughed and said it would be melted by the time she got back to the caribbean.

Now here i was in london experiencing snow for the first time.It was'nt how i imagine.The flakes for starters was'nt as i had expected them to be,i thought that they were rounded and the size of a marshmellow,but as i opened my hands and caught them,i notice they were very minute with a distinguished star like pattern.

As the flakes fell onto my warm palms,they just melted away before my very eyes.Same for those that fell on the concrete,they melted.Leaving only a wet patch as a reminder where they had fallen.

Morning came,as i looked through my bedroom window,it was white every where,everything was under a thick blanket of snow.I quickly got up,put on my boots,ear muff,gloves,coat and went out into the back garden.

My feet made crunching noises everytime i took a step.i gathered some settled snow into my gloved hands and proceeded to make a snow ball,it reminded me of shaven ice that we used in the caribbean to make an ice drink called snow cone.

By the next day it had stopped snowing , the settled snow had started to melt,making it slippery and intolerable to walk on.I stuggled to walk on it,a couple of times i slipped,but was able to compose myself.

here i was,living out my dream,but hating it at the same time.I'm nearly there i thought to myself,three more doors away from my house,i'm sure i can make it without falling.Easy does it,i said to myself as i grip the fences of the house along my street,to keep from falling.

'HA ha ha',i can hear the laughter of the school kids at the bus stop opposite my house and the stiffled giggles of the passers by.I don't know wot happened,or how it did,but i had fallen hard on my backside,right outside my door,i was red in the face with embarassment and bursting on the inside with anger.I was doing so well,my first experience of winter and it was'nt kind to me at all.'Bloody snow' i thought.


The End

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