Wedding Night

Glorious. Divine. Amazing. The three words that fit what Olivia's day was to hold. The words danced playfully around her brain and the smile, though slightly nervous, did not flicker at all as her hair was arranged and her make-up applied. She sighed and sunk back into the chair. Her mother was looking tearfully on as her daughter was transformed from a little girl into a woman. Her own wedding day was being played out in her mind, she hoped it would all go as well for her daughter as it had for herself, she didn't doubt this; the young couple were the perfect match. As Olivia sat the dresses were brought in and the bridesmaids were sat down for their make-up and hair to be done. The lady applying their make-up had been told to keep the bridesmaids plain, though none could truly rival Olivia's beauty, especially today. The dress was brought from its layers of tissue paper and held before the young bride for her to let her eyes fall over the satin and lace once more before putting it on. She grinned, that heart-melting smile, she let her fingers trace the delicate material. If it wasn't for the perfect make-up, she would have let one excited, though slightly fearful, tear fall, but she didn't. She swallowed back the tears as all ladies must and then allowed them all to fuss over her as she was dressed. They were like busy bee's all wishing it was their turn, their day, most of them, the maids, would never feel such rich fabric against their skin, never know that a lifetime of wealth and comfort was ahead of them. For some reason that was all Olivia could dwell on as she was dressed by the maids. It irritated her, they deserved what they had, and she was born to have what she had, why couldn't she feel it burning inside of her? This was her place; this was who she was supposed to be. She was the most important person in the room, so why couldn't she feel that? Why wasn't the Bray fire burning inside of her like it had every other bride of her ancestor before her? She flicked them away a little too quickly, making her mother tut and then adjust her buttons once more.

"Where is my veil?" asked Olivia, sounding snappy as she tried to brush away the nerves.

There was a gasp and Olivia turned to see the maid searching an empty box. Olivia scowled at her. "Where is my veil?" she repeated, her voice steal.

"It's not here miss." whispered the girl.

The noise of the slap echoed loudly around the room. The poor girl looked close to tears as a red hand print appeared on her pale cheek. Everyone looked away, as though Olivia had hit her naughty pet.

"You have stolen it." declared Olivia, not even faltering to consider.

"Olivia it is a joke, I thought that the veil I wore at my wedding might be more suitable. Something borrowed." Laughed Mrs. Bray, the whole room joined in with the light laughter. Olivia glared at the girl as though it were her fault.

"May I see it?" asked Olivia.

"Of course darling." Everyone passed the shortness off as just brides’ nerves.

A long veil was brought forwards, it was pure silk and had little pearls stitched onto its border, it had little clips so that it could be placed into Olivia's hair and sit perfectly. Olivia clapped her hands. "Oh mama, it's perfect." she exclaimed, kissing her mother’s soft cheek, resulting in smiles from the whole of the room.

The veil was added to Olivia's hair, then the necklace that Rosa had given to her.

"One last present I think."

Olivia grinned at her mother, "What is it?"

A gold box was brought to Olivia, the lid was opened by her mother’s un-aged hands and there lay diamond earrings and a bracelet. The diamonds had obviously been handpicked to match her necklace.

"Oh mama!" she laughed, her hands covering her mouth. A perfect start to a perfect marriage, though Olivia’s mother, forgetting about the little maid now holding a cold flannel to her sore cheek.

            The day was glorious. Everyone admired the bride and the festivities were enjoyed with vigour by all concerned. But Olivia found the day pass in a momentary gleam of light. None of the finer details appeared to have moulded themselves to her brain in the form of memories. All the beautiful Olivia could remember was the way her husband’s eyes glistened with pride as they watched her walk slowly down the aisle, her father’s reassuring hand wrapped around her arm. The look never left his eyes throughout the evening and then they were standing alone in Ralph’s bedroom.

He smiled at her. She felt herself smiling nervously back, unsure of herself now.

"What a day!" laughed Ralph.

Olivia nodded, "It passed so quickly."

"Amazing isn't it." He moved closer to his bride, his arms wrapping around her, pulling her close to his body. "My beautiful bride." he sighed into her hair.

"I am now Mrs. Fitzmoran!" exclaimed Olivia, moving slightly closer to Ralph, her body responding to the excitement racing through her bones.

            Ralph grinned and kissed her passionately. She felt herself gently slump against the door. Her hands found safety on Ralph’s shoulders. Ralphs fingers traced her waste, then her back, starting to undo the pearly buttons that Olivia had admired so many times before. She felt her arms pull lose and then she was bare, her hot skin touching the wooden door and Ralphs soft skin, as he had now removed his shirt.

Ralph found her thigh and gently pulled her leg up to wrap around him. She gasped, her green eyes peering up at him. He smiled reassuringly. She nodded and suddenly she was a woman, delighting in the fire of love that was well and truly in her heart. In her blood.

The End

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