Hidden love

            The morning was dark. That liquid dark that clings to your skin and hair. The smoky incense of it enters your nose and mouth, hypnotic and dangerous.


Olivia pondered the word that so fit the atmosphere of her surroundings as she skipped carefully down the little hill. She could feel delicious adrenaline pumping through her dainty veins as though they were a river about to have its banks broken.

There he was.

His tall, irresistible frame leaning against a gate to the next field. His lean body stood in its own valley of shadow.

That was the first moment that Olivia Bray ever realised that her life was a facade. Part of a giant game. Perhaps the players behind the masks weren't as perfect as she had thought, expected. It was easier to see the untrustworthiness in that liquid darkness, instead of the dusty light of mid day.

            Even her loves figure could be seen as eerie, out of place and criminal. His pale, gentleman’s skin was almost luminous in the first rays of far of sun. Half his body obliterated by the clouds shadows. The other half, pale and ghostly in the faint light.

Olivia’s breath caught in her throat at the sight of him. He looked so wondrously handsome and even more mysterious in the shattered light. Butterflies lit up her stomach with their dance induced by the excitement of the thought of the wedding that was to come.

            His eyes found hers after a few seconds and a proud, handsome smile pulled at the side of his mouth, "Miss. Bray." He nodded, as though they were at a ball in the company of the rich upper class.

"Mr. Fitzmoran." she replied with a playful raise of one eyebrow. His slender arms wrapped around her slim waste and he pulled her close, relishing in the unforgettable scent of her brown waves.

            In the magical and rich light of the early morning everything was magnified, embracing in front of a ball room full of people is not the same as that private moment. The way his hands traced her waste and she melted at the feel of him so close to her was precious, it was something that couldn't be understand by anyone but someone in true love. That feeling could never be felt again once lost. The fields had taken a while to find, but it was worth it, one side the London sky line, the other a glimmer of the English countryside. Both were being slowly lit by a pale blue light that warmed only the tiniest layer of Olivia's skin. Ralph smoothed once curl behind her ear and then his lips feel hers for one perfect second.

"Why did you wish me to be here?" she asked her voice quiet with emotion.

"I wished to see as I love you." Olivia looked up at him, puzzled. "On our wedding day you shall be all dressed up like a painting, I wanted to relish in your natural beauty one more time before we are married."

"Oh you are silly Ralph. I shall be just the same, just even more beautiful."

"I am afraid that if your beauty were any greater that I might be blinded if I looked upon you Olivia." he said serenely.

"Do not play with me Ralph. Do be serious." she laughed, one gloved hand covering her lips, to conceal her enchanted grin.

"It is true Olivia. You must never change angel, for it shall kill me not to have your beautiful face looking at me just as you do, every day of my life."

"You are drunk Ralph! Aren't you!"

"Not at all. Have I ever showed up to an appointment anything less than perfectly ready for you my darling?"

"Habits can be broken." laughed Olivia.

It was all terribly romantic, but if they were caught and her fiancé was too squiffy to explain, then there would be a huge scandal and it was only another day and a bit until they were able to have complete freedom to express their emotions.

"Promise me." Whispered Ralph, his eyes were suddenly burning with some inexplicable emotion, they were boring into her soul.

"Promise you what Ralph?"

"That you will always look at me that way, that your beautiful green eyes will always glisten just in that particular way."

"I promise." laughed Olivia, wanting to kiss his perfect lips again.

"No!" he shouted, shaking her a little. Olivia gasped.

"Ralph, you're hurting."

"Please be serious, promise me."

Olivia paused, she looked deep into her fiancé’s eyes and nodded slowly, "I promise Ralph." she whispered and they were kissing. His lips memorising hers. The pair didn't know what they had just promised to one another, neither really understood. All the pair understood was that love was burning fiercely in both of their hearts.

The End

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