Snippits from Stories I never got finished!

            A sharp laugh unfurled from her lips, appearing as a smoky mist in the stark and freezing room. The sound reverberated around the space and she loved the sound so very much that she decided to let another fiery laugh escape her perfect, temptress’s lips.

Every man in the room was so shocked by the angels’ shriek that they paused, just for a minute.

Her wild eyes saw this and it pleased her to the very core. The pleasure of it warmed her through like strong whisky on a winter’s day. Even now, a little ragged, dressed in torn black, thin and pale, she was beautiful. She was still bewitching, just more haunting now. This thought hit her damaged mind and made her remember who she was, or who she had once been. It made her adjust her posture and find better balance on her thin heels. She pulled a pale hand though her dark hair and felt shock at how tangled it had become.

Her mind flickered back to why she stood there, why she was dressed in black and why she now laughed that way...

The End

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