Sneek Preview to "My Fair Revenge"

Read and you'll find out!

  The full moon gave off enough light that i could see my breath in this cold weather, then again that was partially my fault. I should have worn something a bit warmer than my knee high purple converse boots, tight purple shirt and short white skirt. I turned to face the sea, it was a beautiful sight from up here on this hill. But i couldn't enjoy it, or even look at it for that matter without remembering all the pain it brought back. I could feel the scars on my back as if they were new and the burns hurt every time i touched them. That is why i left this wretched place. The dark nights, the cold ground and that awful smell that i just couldn't get out of my head. NO! I won't go back to that place. After i escaped a year ago i couldn't even have a conversation with someone. I had become distant and shy, in a way i still am. But the most pathetic part of my tale is that the one that i fell heads over heals for put me through all this pain! So that is why i am back, no not to fall in love or to get hurt but to hurt those that hurt me and anyone that stands in my way!

The End

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