Jasper jumped at the sound of the voice. He turned around, took the knife out and tried to run, but the doctor grabbed him by the shoulder and wouldn't let go.

"What were you doing to my car."

Jasper was so scared.

"I... I was trying to break in."

The hand loosened a bit.

"Why would you want to do that." Jasper simply pointed at the food in the back of the car. "Oh, you want food." Then the doctor noticed Jasper's rough features and he realized. "Get into the car."

The doctor clicked his keys and the car opened. Jasper stared in shock.

"You want me in your car?"

"Yep, get in."

Jasper had never passed up a chance like this in his life. He got into the car and so did the doctor, and they drove to a restaurant. Jasper and him ate a lot and the doctor paid for it all. Then, as the night neared it's end, the doctor looked at Jasper and thought. Then he spoke.

"Do you have a place to sleep tonight?"

Jasper remembered the heap of boxes and blankets that he shared with Rajhinta.


"Thought so, how would you like to stay at my place tonight?"

Jasper's eyes lit up like a fourth of July night.

"Yes, that would be great!"

"But no stealing."

"No stealing."

Wow, thought Jasper, a real bed.

"We can discuss more in the morning, now let's go to the car."

The doctor paid for the meal and he brought Jasper to the car. They drove to the doctor's home and then they got ready for bed.

The End

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