Jasper pockets the items and makes his way to Rajhinta. He passes through a few more crowds and takes another pair of wallets and an expensive watch. He continues walking. 

He turns down a street corner, away from the crowds of the city. He takes another turn and walks down the alley. Then, he stops at a makeshift hut of cardboard, mattresses and blankets. And at the middle of it lies a woman, in her late fifties, early sixties. She had a thick ukranian accent

"Ach, boy, what did you bring me for the day."

He hands her all the things he stole. "All this."

"Just this, this is nothing. This is nothing! You worthless wart of a boy! Can't you steal better! This will not pay for our food! This will not pay for our clothes!" She throws a watch at him. "Steal better, and bring me more!"

Jasper then turns around and runs off. He decides that he's not going to steal anymore tonight. He'll go where he usually goes, to the hospital roof.

He walks to the hospital, and walks in. Everyone barely notices him as he walks through the building to the roof access. He makes it to the roof and sits down, and begins to watch the people below. If only they knew, he thought. They would help more.

The End

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