Ten-year-old Jasper lives on the fringes, unnoticed by all but the vile streetwoman Rajhinta. Will he make his own, more righteous path, or fall victim to the villainous convictions of the woman who raises him?

Jasper was small.  It was his greatest gift, and his most unfortunate curse.

One might not even notice him, he appeared so slight, so insignificant, as he made his way through the crowd.  In fact, very few did notice him... even as he made away with their valuables.  It was not until later that they began to guess as to how they'd "lost" such important items.

All in all, Jasper picked up:  seven wallets, two watches, a bracelet, a cell phone, two fanny packs, three cameras, and a pair of Ray Bans.  Not bad, he thought. Not bad at all.  Rajhinta would be happy tonight.

The End

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