The Fare Fair

After doing my Saturday morning chores, which consisted of mowing the lawn and taking out the garbage, I escaped to my bedroom, once again. I was excited about the fair being in town and how I would be able to get myself out of my dilemma. There would be lots of people, people with phones, people with too much on their minds to feel a hand slip into their pocket and remove their phone!

I decided to go by myself. No sense in involving any of my friends in this. I would only have to explain my actions and I didn't want to think about it again. I would tell my dad that I was going over to my friend Randy's house and I would make my way to the fairgrounds. I was sure there were buses that were shuttling people to the site and I would hop on one of those.

So now, I only had to wait until after dinner and then make my plan work! I stayed in my room all afternoon, ignoring the beautiful day that went on around me. Instead I played on my computer and researched the different phones that were available out there.

I knew that I wouldn't have a choice of what phone to steal, but I would be on the lookout for a good one. Maybe I would even pinch one for myself!

The day dragged, but that was always the way.

The End

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