Amanda and Keith Wherring returned home.  She was a dentist whilst he was a bank clerk.  The jobs they took were not that uncommon, and that was because they didn't want to be thought of as different.  Different meant the neighbours paid you more attention, and rumours about you began to spread like wild fire.  In truth, both were experienced in a world beyond the physical, in the realms of existence were the deepest and purist magic existed in its natural form.  It had not been their choice to partake in this world, which was really why they had been drawn together.  They didn't want to know about what had been enforced upon them due to their abundant natural magical ability.  That didn't matter to them.  For it to be thrust upon them so was terrible, in their opinion.  They had left that life as soon as they could, leaving together, for in each other they had found solace and comfort.
  The door to their house was wide open.  Thinking the worst they rushed in.  With only one child, he was always their top priority.  They rushed through the front door.  "Charity!"  Keith called, trying to get the baby sitters attention.  He rushed up to the room his son had been sleeping in these past few months.  She was frozen in place, covering her face with both her hands.  He swore.  "Amanda! Charity has been frozen!" he yelled down the stairs.  She came dashing up.  The cribb was empty, and the floor was cluttered in rubbish, as if some fight of monstrrous proportions had happened there.  It was all to much for her, and with the state of the room in her mind she fainted.  Keith snapped her around after a minute or two with some smelling salt he had grabbed from the draw in their room, which was right next to this small room.
    She clung onto him and began to cry.  Magic had stolen away their child, and so magic was the only way they would be able to get him back.  The thought of it made their skin crawl, but not as much as never seeing their son again.  They didn't care why or how he had gone, all they knew was that they wanted him back.  Amanda was crying hysterically.  12 years they had lived away from that world, it was dead to them, and yet now they needed it to help them.  Plucking up a lot of will and strength, they went and got a thin black book from a box in the attic that contained the numbers of their immediate family, who had, as far as they knew, stayed in that strange world of spells and incantations.  They each made several delicate calls to their own families, trying to explain the situation.
  Of the five siblings they had between them, on had moved to Tibet, one had gone to Australia, one had died from a malicious spell hurled by an evil wizard in a great duel one had been driven mad by a curse and the last one had been aged about fifty years by an experimental spell that got lose at their place of work.  Hope seemed to drain away from them.  They knew no one else of those few in the magical world.

The End

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