Take the grid road

Trying not to panic was a losing battle. 

The rain came thundering down in heavy sheets, drowning the car and destroying any visibility.  The windshield wipers swished from side to side frantically trying to clear the view, but there was not setting fast enough for this kind of torrential rain.

Catherine leaned forward over the steering wheel, straining her eyes to see the road ahead of her in the split second that the wipers cleared a space in front of her.  A horrible realisation began to creep over her- that she was on a strange road in the middle of the night, and couldn’t see an inch in front of her face.  To make matters worse, she felt a sneaking suspicion that she might be lost.

She took a deep breath and examined her options.  She could pull over to the side of the road and wait for the storm to subside, but this would be a risky manoeuvre, the road being a very narrow one.  Even with her hazard lights on, an oncoming car might not see her until it was too late.  She had not seen another vehicle on the road yet, but she did not relish the thought of dying in a collision.

“Keep driving,” she said to herself, “sooner or later you are bound to find a house.  If you can see it…”

Tears were beginning to run down her face, and she was very close to breaking down in uncontrollable sobs.  All she had wanted to do was see her grandmother, and now here she was in this horrible situation, and it was her own damn fault for not having the sense to let that man at the gas station to persuade her to take this "short cut" instead of simply following the highway as originally planned.  Getting stuck in construction for an hour would have been better than this.

She didn’t see the wheel ruts leading into the woods until she had almost passed them.  For all she knew, they led nowhere and would just get her more lost, but by now she was pretty sure that she was on the wrong road anyway.  

She stopped and backed up, the path illuminated in the ghostly light of her headlights.  The path wasn't too bad- she could see tire tracks in it so obviosly someone used it.

The End

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