Before the Fights

"And he said he'd be our mentor?" Rod asked, excitement clear in his eyes. An unusual sentiment for a student on his way to class.

"Yeah," Trevor lied, "but first we have to battle three and beat one of these groups." Trevor handed over the paper - on seeing it, the joy fled Rod's face.

"Falcon's Eye, Viper's Tail, Monkey's Fist," Rod shouted, exasperation growing, "and Tiger's Claw?! That's no choice at all!"

"Why not?"

"They're the biggest, the baddest, the strongest groups out there! We'll be crushed mercilessly - there's no point."

"We won't know until we try." Trevor stated.

"You're still going to go through with this?" Rod asked, eyeing his friend, looking for the insanity he was so sure clouded his eyes.

"Yes." Trevor stated, meeting his gaze. Rod sighed.

"Well, I suppose I'll help - even if to throw in the towel if it gets too much. You're not going to be able to beat them by yourself, that's for sure." Rod stated, beaten.




That evening, they visited the quarters of each of the listed groups. Viper's Tail sent them away efficiently and immediately, Tiger's Claw rudely and abruptly - from the commotion they could hear behind the door, they'd called at a bad time. To Rod's almost disappointed surprise, Falcon's eye and Monkey's Fist accepted, the first to fight the evening after and the latter to find a date.

"That's only two"

"Something'll turn up." Trevor replied.

They turned in early that evening - it was, to Rod at least, too soon already the afternoon of the battle.

The End

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