The Mentor Meet

Rod agreed to go to the meet with him that evening. He navigated them through corridor through similar-looking corridor of the main building until they arrived at a large room. Unnecessarily high-ceilinged, the room comfortably held its 50 students and ten or so twenty-somethings, who Trevor presumed were the mentors. 

Stood at the front of the room the students crowded around them, sometimes walking away dejected. Rod had already left to join a bustling crowd - Trevor walked up to the mentor he judged to have the least around them.


"What's your rank?"


"Magic rank! What else?"

Trevor looked at him warily. "Two."

"Get lost."

Trevor decided that he wouldn't've wanted to be his mentee anyway, and wandered to a larger group being addressed. He couldn't've hear much from the edge of the group, with snatches of 'Earth Fist', 'Tiger claw' and 'Gym' being bandied about. He turned to someone who seemed like they were about to leave the throng. "What's this about a gym?"

The boy shot him an amused glance. "You can't access the gym unless you get a mentor to sign for it - stops the local riffraff abusing the gym, and whatnot."

"And where is the gym?"

The boy seemed to consider not answering for a moment, but decided Trevor would continue pestering him. "It's on the edge of the second clearing in... that direction."

Trevor thanked him, and continued to the other mentors. That night he frequented all of the rooms, addressing each mentor in turn, being shot down as soon as his rank came up no matter how polite they were. He began to see a pattern and he did not like it.

The End

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