Falcon's Eye (2)

Rod and Trevor moved closer to each other.
"How the hell is he moving so fast?" asked Trevor.
"He's using the earth to push back as he runs. Look closely; you can see the tracks." Trevor couldn't.

"Are you going to keep yapping?" Neil rushed forward and Trevor could see that his steps carried him further than they should have as Neil careened towards him. Rod sent a pillar up, knocking Trevor out of his daze and redirecting Neil towards himself.

Rod parried Neil's strikes with unbecoming deftness, shifting around his blows, slipping around thrusts and feinting to keep Neil off balance; though moving too much for Trevor to intervene. Neil, however, would suddenly shift around with his strange speed, catching Rod with blows he couldn't quite deflect.

'How do I stop his movement?' Trevor asked himself. He closed his eyes, and visualised the yellow cinnamon mist, dropping his guard. It felt sparser here, and he concentrated on drawing it down into his feet. He couldn't make big projections easily, but brute force wasn't the only way to skin a cat...

Past Rod's wild, tired attacks Neil saw this, grinned and rushed towards Trevor.

Visualise the energy, spread it into the ground and push.

The End

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