Snakeskin Run

An idea I got from playing Red Dead Redemption. It won't be very long and probably won't be as simple as the first chapter makes out.

MONTANA. 1901.

The cool night air was refreshing after the boiling hot day the whole state had suffered.

Summer was at its peak, and boy did everyone know it.

In the small town of Snakeskin Run, the townspeople were winding down after a hard days work.

The small strip between the two lines of old wooden buildings, built nearing on a hundred years ago, was alive with life.

The saloon at the end of the strip was noisy and bright, up-beat piano music blared out, and a lone drunk fell out of the doors, still chuckling as he fell off the step and into the sand.

A crowd of women, with pale skin, large hair made a wide berth around the laughing fool as they chatted and laughed amongst themselves, waving fans to keep themselves cool.

A crowd of men, wearing bandanas and hats stood in the middle of the strip, staring at the lawmen outside of the Sherriff’s Office across the way.

There was a whistle as a steam train pulled up into the station just outside of the town.

People flooded onto the station, chattering amongst themselves about a number of tedious things.

Not one of them was particularly noteworthy.

But the last man off of the train was. He wore a long coat and a holster with three pistols, and a pair of long rifles crossed at his back. His face was hidden completely beneath his hat.

As he stepped onto the station, the wood creaked under the weight of his huge leather boots.

He tipped his hat up to get a good look at the town, at the same moment a young man strolled past with a female companion.

He caught sight of the man’s face, causing his chin to drop. His female companion took a sharp intake of breath.

The man had no eyes, just black marbles set into his eye sockets. His face was covered in scars, and his nose was askew from the rest of his face.

The man with no eyes growled, then snarled like a rabid animal.

The other man, still with a shocked expression on his face, pulled his companion away quickly by the arm.

The man with no eyes watched them scurry away, and then stepped off of the platform.



The End

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