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June 9th

I was watching TV when my sister Sarah came in and changed the channel to the news and it sayed that snakes were released.


June 10th

The sky is getting a light grey and the wind is getting faster but it’s not raining, mom said it was just a draft. Dad killed a really big garden snake today.


June 11th

I just woke up to see that the time was 3:00 AM!  My mom said that there was a tornado warning and that we need to be prepared. We all got in johnny's room, he was not living with us because he went to college last year. We went to his room because there is no windows so it would be safe. About thirty minutes later the sirens started at a soft ring to a loud scream. Sarah doesn't like loud noises so she covered her ears. You could hear the loud roar from miles away its scary

It’s 6:00 AM and the tornado is still out there, I kind of want to see it, but, that would be bad, it would just make me more scared.

We just found out that all the snakes were in the tornado. 3 people have died, not by the tornado but by the snakes. How can this even happen? Flying snakes.


The tornado has taken half the house away and we can’t leave the room because there are a couple snakes in the half of a house we have.


June 12th

Sadly, I’m not dead. The tornado killed sarah last night. she was walking and then...then she was taken up to death, or that is what mom said.

The tornado has gone away, the snakes are gone too, for now. I do not even know how many people died, my guess is 12 or so.

It’s hard to eat when half your kitchen is gone, at least the pantry is fine. There was no rain or lightning during the “snakenado” as people are calling it. I heard mom and dad having a conversation on while we were asleep and they said there would be another tornado that was bigger than the tornado that happened in Waco TX in 1953!

Apparently that was the biggest tornado in Texas!


June 13th


June 14th

Everyone stayed up last night and we ate snake stew. How ironic I know but although it was from the store… it was pretty good.


June 15th

I got bit by a spider… NOT A SNAKE, it was a brown recluse… out of everything, A SPIDER.


June 16th

Im slowly dying. If you are reading this my name is Carl McJamsone, Good b

The End

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