Snail Trail

Meet Raggy, a small, adventurous young boy. Upon arrival in Hevling Town, Raggy doesn't seem to be fitting in well. At all. But when he discovers a peculiar line of snails, slithering of into the nearby woods; his curiosity takes over him. Awaits him is a wondrous world, entirely different from our own. But there's just a single, not the thirteen-foot wasps, but the huge monstrosity that has risen from the depths...


"Your stupidity will be the death of you, Raggy. You know it. I know it."

That's Raggy's older sister, Raychel, if you didn't know.

"You're just a pain in the backside. I mean, I would find it difficult to believe we are even related to one another."

Climbing up from the pile of pots and pans, Raggy returned an insult.

"At least there's still a small area of sanity in here!" Raggy teased; pointing to his head. "Unlike others."

As he finished his sentence, he stared at his older sister as if to say, "Yes, I do mean you, overgrown abomination."

Reaching for the wooden chair to regain his balance, after the long fall, he had received a small dosage of concussion. Although his brain seemed as if it was running round the 100 metre race course, he still wanted to get those cookies of the top shelf. 

"I'll do it. You'll see!" Raggy shouted triumphantly.

Already, he had ran into the Living Room and dragged in a couple of wooden storage boxes, obviously not for climbing on. Stacking each box on top of each other, so it formed a staircase of wooden crates, Raggy proceeded to jumping back on to the Dining Room table, leaping off it onto to the first box. Then raising his left leg and jumping to the second.

"I've just got them in reach..." Raggy whispered excitedly, oblivious to the broken crate he was about to step on.


Raychel giggled loudly; it was annoying to. 

"You should have saw the look on your's priceless!"

She then gave him her mobile phone. There it was. A picture, him holding the cookie jar, and looking as if he was about to blast off into space. 

Raggy immediately pressed the 'Delete' button.

"Hey!" His sister called, "That was a great picture, why'd you delete it, Raggy?"

"Because, you and your phone, plus stupid picture of my huge fail, can only equal one thing."

"Oh yeah, and what's that, then?"

"Merriment. From everyone. Everywhere."

Raychel raised her eyebows and walked out the room.

The End

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