Smoking - injurious to Health

Today most of the people, especially youngsters are addicted to various types of smoking likes of- cigar, tobacco consumption, drinking alcoholic drinks etc. This article gives information about the smoking i.e. tobacco smoking which contains 4000 different chemicals of which 43 are carcinogenic cancer causing substances. This article also includes different harmful effects and various aspects of tobacco consumption.

If you are any type of smoker i.e. like taking cigar, consuming alcohol or tobacco then remember that you are getting closer to the end of life.

Death and disease through tobacco:

1. One million people die each year owing to tobacco related diseases such as cancers, bronchitis, ulcer, heart attacks and hemiplegics.
2. Every cigarette reduces one persons life by 5.5 minutes.
3. 99% of the population in rural India is unaware of any side effects of tobacco use.

Tobacco consumer in India:

Though India is leading towards to become a developed country, still there are lots of minuses and one of them is smokers. If we go through below points we will realise the seriousness about our country.

  • 10% of school children between 11 and 15 years of age smoke.
  • 55% men and 16% women (15+ age) are regular tobacco addicts.
  • The rates among scheduled tribes and casts are about 12%-14% higher than the national average.
  • The rates in rural areas are higher than by about 18% than in urban areas.

Money wastage on tobacco:

i. An estimated Rs. 9963 crore was spent on tobacco in 1993-94 and is increasing by 4 to 5% every year or two.
ii. Pan-masala is as addictive as heroin, alcohol, cocaine or marijuana.
iii. Tobacco contributes 15% tax revenues and of that 75% contributes from cigarette.

It is seen that each puff contains 4000 different chemicals including:

  1. Acetone (paint stripper)
  2. Ammonia (floor cleaner)
  3. Nepthyalamine Methanol (rocket fuel)
  4. Pyrene Dimethylnitrosomine Napthalene (moth balls)
  5. Cadmium (used in car batteries)
  6. Carbon Monoxide (poisonous gas from car exhausts)
  7. Benzophyrene Vinylchloride (marks PUC)
  8. Hydrogen Cyanide (poison used in gas chambers)
  9. Tolvidine Urethane Toluene (industrial solution)
  10. Arsenic (white ant poison)
  11. Polonium-210 DDT (insecticide)

Tobacco smoke contains 4000 various chemicals of which 43 are carcinogenic cancer causing substances. Burning tobacco releases nicotine which attaches itself to ting bits of tar. The tar gets to the lungs and is absorbed into the bloodstream. Nicotine, an additive substance, reaches the brain in seven seconds and constricts the blood vessels, raises blood pressure and gives the ventral nervous system a small jolt. In the long run it can lead to reproductive disorders (importance and deformed sperms in heavy smoking men and smaller babies and ovarian cancer in women.) lung cancer, emphysema and coronary heart diseases.

So, it's up to you whether to smoke or not. One can't stop people smoking by banning such scenes from films, or banning advertisements. Everyone knows smoking is injurious to health.
I just want to ask a simple question- Do you still dare to smoke?

The End

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