Morning After

Clementine woke to a hazy sunlight sprawled across her face. A heavy greyness clouded the sky and the remissed that another one had been burned at the stake. An insistent tapping at the door roused her from her bleary state.

“Who is it?” she exclaimed. “Don’t enter, I am not decent.”

A warm, honeyed voice filtered through the tapestry adorned door.   “I am most sorry to disturb you Miss Airis, but there is a boy at the door who claims that it is a necessity that he speak with you directly. Master and Madam Airis are out and I know not what else to do,”.

“Could you have not sent him away, Lillian? It’s far too indecent for me, still a young lady, to welcome any guests with my parents away as they are.”

“Certainly Miss, but I think I recognise him as that boy you used to frolic with.”

“Merryn? Is it Merryn?” she bade, scrambling out of bed. “Come in, come in. Tell me everything Lillian.”

A tall, portly woman entered the room. Her greying hair was constrained under a white cap, and a worried smile pulled at her thin lips.

“How is he Lillian? Is he still as beautiful as he was when we were children? Is he tall? Is he married?”

Lillian shook her head, “He looks sick.”

“And you left him outside,” she admonished. “Let him in at once. I’ll get dressed and meet him in the sitting room. Make sure he is comfortable and presented some refreshments before I arrive.”

“Of course Miss.”

The End

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