Smile With Your EyesMature

Bette has reason to be jealous of her boyfriend's closest buddy, Caleb. At a house party, she gets the one-on-one scrutiny session she was looking for.
NOTE: I want to write about these characters some more, and want to create a more complete story, but am looking for feedback/tips/advice.

The table in Rob's garage was concave at the center, warped from being outside in the rain. As an employee of a Chinese food chain, he'd been able to smuggle bucketfuls of white rice out the back door. He'd brought them here to his house, and filled the pit at the center of the table with the white grains. A small graveyard of abandoned bottles, partially submerged in the rice, was the only sign that remained of the others who'd gone inside to play beer pong. Rob and I were alone.

He was twenty five, with a thick beard matching his thick frame. When he smiled, the whites of his teeth struggled to make themselves known from behind that auburn thicket. He was smoking, but it wasn't a cigarette that he had in his mouth. When I looked over at him, he crunched the end of the rolled paper between his teeth and tightened a string on the ukelele he held in his arms.

"Why aren't you inside with everyone else?" I asked him.

"Why aren't you?"

"I don't know", I shrugged.

"I do" he said. "You suck at beer pong. In a bad way." He plucked a sad note on the ukelele.

"It's because I play to drink.”

"So you're saying you lose on purpose."

"Sometimes." I changed the subject. "What's the point of inviting all these people over if you aren't going to hang out with them?"

"I'm hanging out with you."

I wasn't sure what to say to that. Rob tested more strings on the ukelele, but his gaze remained on me. "I'm learning to play the Tetris theme on this thing," he said finally.

The End

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