Just Another DayMature



There was so much light. And it wouldn't disappear. No matter how much I covered my eyes or closed them it would never disappear. I was so alone, surrounded by white and golden colours. Like I was in a white box room, that stretched on further and further whenever I tried running. 

Then the walls would turn red, and I'd hear screams. So many screams. It was like I was stuck in a horror movie. A girl appeared, beautiful, frightening. A disturbed image, and she was always frozen. She was crouched over me, growling and snarling, her mouth wide open ready to pounce on me. But she wouldn't dare touch me. 

The fear of her ripping me to pieces, and me being there waiting for it every single night was the only thing that scared me. I was here, ready for her to pounce on me, to rip open my flesh and feast on me like I was her favourite meal. But she never did.

And then I'd wake up.


I jolted upright, like every single morning after the same nightmare, sweat beading at the top of my forehead, breathing heavily with my heart pounding. 

This was was just like every other day. 

It was just, another day. 

The End

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