Smile And SleepMature

"Keep walking Levy." I told myself, as I lowered my head a fraction and added some speed to my pace, as I passed the three tall, teenagers the other side of the road, mocking my outlook.
They shouted at me, insulting my pale skin, my ripped, tight, black jeans, my long black hair, with words such as "emo," among others.
They shouted at me to go home and "slit my wrists."
I hated them for that, from the depths of my soul.
Like they understood the pain some people go through, or what that does to people.
Like they understood.
I dressed this way, because I looked good this way. 
I utterly despised these ignorant pigs.
Yet I ignored them. I ignored their shouts, their insults, their laughter and everything.
I did nothing to respond. I only clenched my fist and shook a bit with anger.
I bottled it all up and walked on.
They would get what was coming to them in time.
Besides, I'd never see them again in such a large city as Glasgow.
I left it and walked on, feeling a little angrier, and strangely less in control. 

I reached my house and let myself in, with my key.
My parents wouldn't be in. They come home late. 
I kicked my shoes off and padded into the kitchen, to see if there was any food for me.
Nope, nothing.
"Thanks, Mum." I said to myself.
I blinked, then frowned. Something was different.
"I... I think it just got brighter, or something..."
I winced as I looked out of the kitchen window, into the small garden, as the sun blasted in. My eyes hurt for some reason. The sun's brightness and colour had intensified somewhat. It felt like someone had played around with the contrast setting on the World.
I started to feel a bit dizzy for a moment.
The feeling of anger still hadn't subsided from my earlier encounter with the mockers.
I clutched my head as a headache settled in, to top it all off.
I stumbled upstairs and to my room.
The door was closed and I hardly even noticed that the sign with my name "Levy Targett" in calligraphic lettering had fallen off.
I walked in, closed the curtains, turned off the light, fell onto my soft, royal blue bed and slipped into dreams. 

The End

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