Chapter Seven.Mature

Chapter 7

The rest of the night was less eventful than I had hoped.

Kristian, Viktor and Johan were talking to each other about something serious, while speaking in their native German, so I couldn’t understand a word of it, except when they said ‘ja’ or ‘nein’.

Lucinda and Mother were talking about something; I think it was clothes, and they were so absorbed in the conversation that they didn’t notice when I returned to the table. I didn’t feel like joining in on their conversation, so I just sat there quietly, watching Kristian speak to his father in German.

His soft jaw looked a lot stronger in profile, as did his softly sloping straight nose and full lips. His gorgeous blue green eyes were so focussed on his father and older brother, that he didn’t notice me when I stole his glass of raspberry and cola from right under his nose. He didn’t even notice me stealing it, and I drank half of it, watching him the entire time, before he realized it was gone.

He gave me a look, and I grinned at him cheekily. He rolled his eyes at me, and stole the drink right from my hands, and the straw from between my teeth, and finished off the drink in two large gulps from it. I got jokingly mad at him, and he laughed at me. Apparently he had finished his conversation with his father, and now Viktor had Johan’s undivided attention.

“You have to teach me German one day,” I said to Kristian, amazed at just how quickly he had spoken in his native tongue. He smiled, and nodded.

“Anytime you wish,” he said quietly.




The rest of dinner took another half an hour after that promise from Kristian, after which I had thebestchocolate mud cakeever, which I shared with Kristian, as I knew I wasn’t going to finish the whole thing by myself.

We drove back to my house in our separate cars, as Mother and Lucinda weren’t done chatting, and there was no way anyone would ever persuade them to separate after so long apart. I knew that I felt the same about Kristian and Viktor; it had been so long that I didn’t want them to just leave, but I would never voice that aloud.

We were all sitting outside on the patio which overlooked the pool. We had our glassed full with some special cognac, which Mother had been saving for a special occasion. Even Kristian, Viktor and I were allowed a glass or two, which I was glad about, as I loved drinking some of the beautiful wine. I also liked Rum, but that had nothing to do with it.

The sun had set hours ago, and I was getting cold, so I got up to go and get changed. Kristian and Viktor looked at me when I stood up, and looked at me queryingly.

“I’m just heading inside for a minute. Wont be long,” I said quietly, walking inside and taking my glass with me. I took a sip of the strong wine as I opened my bedroom door, and placed the glass down on my bedside table so I could get changed. I grabbed a pair of white short shorts, a black tank top, and a long white and red striped pull over hoodie which I gathered the excess of at the back and tied it up with an elastic band so it wouldn’t make me look like I wasn’t wearing any shorts, which had happened to me more times than I could count. I slipped my dress off and was just pulling on my shorts, still only in my black lacy bra on the top half, when my door creaked open. I turned around and covered myself when I saw Viktor poke his head around the door. He blushed intensely once he saw my topless state, and averted his gaze from me.

“I am sorry, Carleetah.”

I blushed too, and quickly grabbed my top and slipped it on while he wasn’t looking, and buttoned up my shorts before speaking, taking advantage of him not looking.

“Hey, Viktor. It’s alright. Now what do you want?” I asked, still super embarrassed that he saw me almost half naked. He glanced back at me quickly, and once he saw me with clothes on, he sighed and opened the door properly, walking through so he was leaning against the wall beside it.

“Kristian wants to go for a walk, and was wondering if you wanted to join him?” he asked, sounding like he was in on a joke. He was smiling wryly at me, and I gave him a look as if to say ‘this had better not be a trick’. He smiled even bigger, and shook his head.

“So are you going to go? Or not? Because I am not sure he will go if you do not,” he said, visibly fighting back the urge to laugh, or just grin. I narrowed my eyes at him, and he just coughed before backing out of the room, hands raised jokingly.

“I’ll go,” I said, making him grin, and chuckle. He was suppressing real laughter by the time he closed the door behind himself. I sighed, confused, and shook my head, going back to my closet to grab a different top to wear. After all, if I was going to be outside, I would need more warmth than a tank top and a jersey could provide. I grabbed a long sleeved black v-neck shirt, and pulled it on over the tank top. I grabbed the jersey and pulled that on too, and tied it up at the back so it wouldn’t swallow me. My hair was irritating me, so I pulled it up into a high pony, and left my side bangs out. Still wearing my white heels from dinner, I grabbed my glass, and walked down to the back yard.

I took a sip of the wine as I walked through the French doors to the yard, and walked over to where Kristian and Viktor were sitting, talking quietly between themselves in their native tongue. I sat down in my seat, and smiled at the boys as they broke off their conversation and looked at me. Viktor blushed when he looked at me, and I smirked at him. That was so embarrassing, but I knew we would laugh about it later, and Viktor’s reaction was so much more dramatic than mine.

“So… I told Viktor to go up and ask if you wanted to go for a walk with me. But he said that he forgot… So do you?” Kristian asked. I took my gaze off him and looked at Viktor with a slight frown on my face. Why did he lie about talking to me?

He levelled my gaze, and blushed even harder before being extremely interested in his glass of wine. I couldn’t believe he hadn’t told Kristian about him walking in on me half naked, but I suppose it was a bit embarrassing for him, so I wasn’t going to say anything about it. While he was in the room anyway.

“Oh. Um, sure. Where do you want to go?” I said, a bit unsure of his motives. He smiled, and stood up, walking over to his parents. I exchanged a glance with Viktor before I did the same, following after him.

“Hey, Mother, can Carleetah and I go for a walk?” Kristian asked Lucinda, making the adults look between us several times. Mother gave me a look, and I shook my head at her; I knew where she was going with this. She smiled, and nodded, as did Lucinda and Johan, but Lucinda spoke up.

“Sure, sweetheart, but stay close, and be back in two hours, okay?” Kristian nodded, and took my hand while he walked around the side of the house. We walked through the gate, still hand in hand, and once we were out on the street, around the corner from my house, we let go and grinned at each other.

“So… Why did you want to go for a walk with me?” I asked, curious as to why he hadn’t just gone with Viktor. I was looking up at his face, and he blushed a little, his cheeks turning rosy. He seemed like he wasn’t going to answer, but I persisted, giving him a look. He glanced at me out of the corner of his eye, and saw me glaring at him as we walked towards the park; closer to school.

“I just wanted to talk to you without my parents around. It has been ten years, Carleetah. I think we need to catch up,” he said quietly, though I think that wasn’t that main idea behind the walk. But I let him have his secrets, and we continued on with the walk.

“You’re right. I think that’s a good idea. You have no idea how glad I am that you are here. Being stuck with Keelan as your only friend? Torture. Even though he has only been here since Wednesday, it has been far too long,” I said, getting visibly angry towards Keelan. Kristian looked at me, and laughed. I looked up from the ground, and frowned at him. He contained the laughter, and shook his head disbelievingly at me.

“What?” he laughed at me.

“You were best friends with him for like six years, he leaves, you leave, and then he comes to you, and you hate him. It is rather ironic,” he said, giving me an inquiring look. I frowned, and thought that through.

“True. But he is not the same Keelan from Grand Marais. No way. He is a cocky bastard now,” I said, defending my opinion more than anything at this point. He smiled at my choice of words, and chuckled under his breath.

“I always knew he would end up like that. You could see it with the way he kept you away from us; kept you for himself. He was acting like he owned you, and Viktor and I did not like that, but we did not dare stand up to him. He was bigger than us, and I bet to wager that he is the same way now. Bigger than both Viktor and I, and a lot like a gorilla?” he said, his tone questioning at the end. I smiled at his words, and nodded along with that he said.

“Yeah. He is bigger than you both, and almost a foot taller than me; but that isn’t exactly hard,” I said with a laugh. He looked down at me from his five-foot eight height, and grinned in agreement. In heels I was an inch shorter than him, but without… closer to five.

“Anyway, he is tall, he is a Skater; so I suppose he isn’t exactly a Jock, and he is smart. Devilishly smart. Not educationally smart though, and he isn’t in any of my classes, so that it good,” I continued, giving Kristian what I thought he needed; dirt on his ex-best bud.

He nodded, frowning slightly. He looked away, and we checked to see if the road was clear before we crossed the road. There had been reports of cars doing burn outs on the back streets here in San Diego, and several people had been hit; kids in particular. The cars were fast, and the drivers usually intoxicated, so they had no idea what was happening, and couldn’t stop when, and if, they saw a pedestrian.

“So… He is like a Jock, but he is not a Jock. The brains of one, but the body and style of a Skater?” he clarified. I nodded, frowning at where he was going with this. He snorted, and I looked up at him, slightly alarmed. He was laughing, and we had to stop walking to let him catch his breath.

“Sorry, it is just… I always believed he would end up like that. A mindless Jock! That is so typical Keelan!” he said between chuckles. I had to admit; it made sense. I joined in with the laughter, until we were both bent over with sore stomachs because of the intensity of our laughter.

“So true…” I muttered, trying to catch my breath with heavy breathing. I wiped a single tear from my cheek, and then smiled at Kristian. He grinned back, and then held his arm out for me to hold like at a ball. I giggled and took his arm, thinking that we must look like quite the couple. A girl in short-shorts, an oversized jersey and a pair of 3 inch heels, holding onto a boy with a white dress shirt; untucked, black tie, black skinny jeans and a pair of converses. Oh yeah…

He walked and talked about everything that came to mind; my school, our families, what life was like without all of us together… that was an interesting conversation. We decided that things were so much better with all of us together. Minus Keelan, of course. He always dragged out good mood down, but he still remained my best friend. I never knew why, but I suppose I had to as Kristian and him were always fighting, and Viktor was too quiet to catch up with naturally cocky and obnoxiously loud Keelan.

We talked about our lives until this point, our awkward teenage years, which we were halfway through living.  How we had changed since our cute as hell baby years. He was shocked to hear that I had just dyed my hair today, and that I gotten even more piercings. He must have thought that I had kept the blond through my whole life… how wrong he was.

But he couldn’t talk.

“Kristian! You can’t talk! I almost couldn’trecogniseyou at dinner!” I exclaimed, nudging him playfully. He grinned at me, and I shook my head as I looked around myself to see where we were.

We were somewhere by the park, about halfway between school and home, which I felt was a bit too far from home for me. I stopped walking, which caused me to tug his arm out, as I was still holding on to it tightly. He looked at me questioningly.

“We are too far from home. I don’t want to get too close to school,” I said quietly, still not letting go of his arm, as it was really late, and I didn’t trust being out here alone.

He sighed, and nodded, turning back to me and started to walk back the way we came. We crossed the road so we could enjoy some slightly different scenery as we walked and talked, continuing on with our conversations.

The End

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