Chapter Two.Mature

Chapter 2

Jackson and I took my car home when school finished for the day. My 2007 Subaru Impreza was black, which was cool, and it had black interiors too. All of the normally chrome parts were black, but the carpet and steering wheel on the interior was blood red. I loved my car, as it was fast, and it wasn’t flashy, so none of the kids at school would be tempted to steal it.

It was only a 5 minute drive from our school to my house. And as Jackson’s house was next door to mine, it was only obvious that we should car pool.

Jackson’s car was parked in his garage when we got home, like mine usually was every second day. We took turns driving to school, and we usually took his, just because it was slightly nicer. It was an old 1969 Ford Mustang; jet black with the chrome sparkling and the paint job spotless. He actually took care of his car, whereas I let mine get dirty, and then made him clean it for me. He refused to get driven around in a dirty car, so I made him clean it. I knew I sure as hell wasn’t going to.

I parked up in my driveway, and ran into the house to tell my mom, Leona, that Keelan was back. I burst through the door to find my mom talking to someone in the kitchen.

“Mom?” I called before making my way to the kitchen. I turned the corner to find her talking to a woman I never thought I would see again. Julie Jordan. Keelan’s mother.

“Julie!” I cried before skipping forward and hugging my second mother tightly. She laughed as she hugged me back, but then she untangled herself and held me out so she could look me over. Her eyes lingered over my piercings and my black hair, but then she smiled warmly, before speaking.

“My, my… Carleetah, you are just beautiful. How are you, darling?” she asked politely, though I could see the worry at my appearance in her eyes. I had to fight to roll my eyes at her; instead I smiled sweetly, and spoke just as politely.

“I am wonderful, Julie. Thank you,” I said calmly, trying not to get annoyed at the fact that Julie called me Carleetah; but it isn’t her fault that she doesn’t know I changed my name.

Mother must have noticed that my face was in the strained smile I got when I was freaked out, as she jumped in, and caught up Julie in some innocent conversation so I could escape and calm myself down.

If you couldn’t already tell, I had a short temper.

I waited until Julie and my Mother’s voices were off in the distance before I ran up the stairs to my room. I rushed though the door, slamming it shut when I got through it. I dumped all my school things onto my bed, and I stripped off my clothes I had worn to school, a pair of black skinny jeans, a blue and black corset, and a black hoodie that zipped up at the front. I looked through my wardrobe as I stood there in my bra and underwear, not shivering as it was so warm around this time of year. It was June, just coming into summer, so it was warm both outside and inside.

I picked out a black tank top, a pair of grey short-shorts, and the same hoodie from before. I looked myself over in the mirror that was mounted on my ‘Plastered’ wall. I called it that, as Jackson and I had completely covered the entire wall with pictures of us over the years. The pictures went from younger to older along the wall, us when we were 7 at the end by the windows, us now at 17 on the end closest to the door.

I grinned at all the pictures, and then turned to the mirror to see my hair all over the place.

“Holy crap,” I muttered as I grabbed my hair up and bundled it into a messy bun, which was huge as my hair trailed down to my waist. I had several strands loose which were annoying, but it would take too much effort to fix. Happy with how I looked, I grabbed my cell phone, a Blackberry Storm 2, and slipped my feet into my black heels before walking down the stairs. I walked into the living room with a smile on my face, but that slipped off when I saw who was on my couch.



I composed my face quickly, and walked over to my recliner that was thankfully on the opposite side of the room as Keelan. I ignored him as I at down, pulling my legs up so I could rest my chin on my knees while I pretended to be interested in what Julie was saying.

“So how long are you in town for, Julie?” my mother asked. I listened intently, though I already had a fair idea as to the answer. Far too long.

“Well, Mirabelle, we are actually living next door. We brought it just last night.” Julie said while bouncing up and down in her seat, showing just how much energy she had, which was way too much for a normal 42-year old woman. My eyes widened, and my mouth dropped open in shock. No way. No freaking way! Couldn’t I have my space from him?!

I stood up and was about to leave the room when my mother stopped me.

“Carleetah!” I hesitated and turned towards my mother to see her looking pointedly towards Keelan, sorry,Blake,and his mother, “Where are you going?”

“Jackson’s.” I said simply, eager to get out of the house.

“Oh, good!” she said joyfully. Huh? I was so confused. “You can take Blake with you!”

“No!” I all but cried, stopping my self from being overly dramatic, which I was prone to doing every now and then. She raised her eyebrows at me, and I knew she was about to get mad, so I made up an excuse, “Something happened today at school, so I need to go and talk to him about it.” She didn’t seem too convinced though.

“That still doesn’t explain why Blake can’t come too.”

I rolled my eyes internally, “Because, mother, I don’t want many people knowing about what happened,” I explained patiently, hoping and praying that she wouldn’t make him come. I needed my space from him.

She glared at me for a second, but then she sighed and nodded once, looking back at Julie with a ‘why-do-I-bother’ look on her face. I shook my head, and left the room, trying to get out of there as fast as possible. I had just reached the door when my cell phone vibrated in my bra, where I usually kept it when I had no pockets. I pulled it out, and saw I had a message from Jackson; a giant picture of him had popped up on my screen. I grinned at the picture, as it was one of my favourites.

‘Car. I need to talk to you. Come over?’

I frowned at this. The tone wasn’t right. Usually he at least had a ‘lol’ or a ‘haha’ in the message somewhere. I blew it off though, and replied quickly as I walked down my drive and onto his.

‘Sure. I was coming over anyway lol’

I had reached his front door by then, and I knocked my knock, and waited for someone to answer. I never barged right on in like Jackson did at my house.

I only had to wait for a couple of seconds before Jackson’s mother, Lara, opened the door with an ever-present smile on her face. Lara was very… youthful… for her age. She looked well under her 45 years, and I had a feeling that she owed most of it to surgery, though she was adamant that it was healthy eating and exercise, though it defiantly didn’t show in her face.

Her raven black hair flowed dead straight down to her mid back, her caring grey eyes smiled back at me, and her flawless golden skin practically glowed back at me, making me look bone white in comparison.

“Why hello, Carter darling!” she chirped in her southern accent. She had been living in Louisiana until she was 25, so she had kept it her whole life.

“Hey, Lara. Is Jackson home?” I asked, though I already knew the answer.

“Sure is, darlin’. He’s in his room. Just head on up, Sweetie.”

I smiled at her, and walked up to his room which was on the second floor of their large home. I got to his door, and heard none of the natural sounds Jackson had in his room while he was in it; music, T.V, pages turning… It was silent. I frowned as I opened the door, and saw Jackson sitting in one of his beanbag chairs that faced out the bay windows out to the Park. The other beanbag chair was next to it, so I walked over, trying not to make too much noise as I walked with my heels as I did so. I sat down quietly, and stared out the windows too, waiting for him to speak.

I waited for 10 minutes.

When he finally spoke though, it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear. He took a deep  breath, and I looked over at him in preparation for whatever he was going to say.

“Carleetah,” he paused, and I knew something was wrong. He wouldn’t use my old name unless it was really bad. I looked over at him, worry sketched on my face.


“We can’t be friends anymore.”

The End

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