Carter Maxwell is what you would call 'goth'. Not that
she intentionally went down that route. No, it just happened over
time. Over her 16 years, she has changed; she was left with just
one friend; Jackson Harris. She changed her whole self; from pale
haired beauty Carleetah, to raven locked Carter, who punched
metal through her delicate features, and listened to heavy music.
But what will happen when a friend from her past shows up? What
about three?
Keelan Jordan.
Kristian Muller.

Prologue- Last Glance.

A smile is all it takes.

How many people have looked upon that star, and wished for all of their dreams to come true? For that someone to come along and make their life perfect?

But how many of those people wanted that someone, when that someone was right in front of them all along? How many people were blind to the fact that their truest desires were in fact a simple smile away?

A smile is all it takes.

I never realized that those words actually meant something to me when I got told them all those months ago. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I needed to take those words to heart. Ever.

A smile is all it takes.

But they do. They fill my mind every time I look at him. Every time I think about how he has changed, for better and for worse. He isn’t the same boy I knew and loved, but he is still there… I think.

A smile is all it takes.

The killer is that I want the old him back. I really do. But I don’t know if I can get him back. Not after this…

A smile is all it takes.

Life is hard, and it sucks.

But it is worth it.






I was six.

He was seven.

We were living in Grand Marais, Minnesota. My best friend, Keelan Jordan, had asked me to meet him in his backyard, so I ran from my house next door to his. My white blond ringlets were blowing behind me as I ran, and as I saw him, my pale blue and sapphire eyes starting to wet slightly. I knew something was wrong. He was fidgeting as he looked at the ground, pacing back and forwards beside the big Oak tree that dominated his back yard. I stopped twenty feet away from him, and I watched as his head started to shake slowly.

“I can’t do this. I really can’t,” He said, loud enough for me to hear him from across the lawn. I stepped a bit closer, and he must have seen me move, as he looked up at me. He walked closer, and smiled sadly at me; but it was more of a grimace than a smile.

“Keelan?” I asked quietly, stepping closer, my voice getting thick as the tears started to get thicker. He moved right up to me, and wrapped his arms tightly around me. “What are you talking about?” I said.

He inhaled sharply, and I held my breath in anticipation. I let go of him, and pushed him back so I could look him in the eye. He exhaled slowly before he spoke, and when he did, it was thick with emotions.

“Carleetah... My mom is making me move,” he said thickly, his bright green eyes filling up with tears and his light blond hair falling over his eyes as he looked down. My breathing hitched up a notch, and I nodded.


“New Castle, Delaware,” he answered automatically. I frowned, and thought about that. Delaware? But that’s… On the other side of the country! So far…

“You will come visit, right? You have to,” I said shakily. He looked up at me then, his eyes sad, and I knew that this was the last time I would see him in a while. “At least write to me. We will be pen-pals,” I said, telling him, not letting him have a choice. He smiled and nodded at me. I wrapped my arms around him tightly, and he hugged me back. I sniffed as I let go, and said to him; “You have to write as soon as you get to New Castle.”

He nodded, and I kissed him lightly on the lips before saying softly; “Goodbye.”

That was the last time I would ever see Keelan Jordan. I didn’t talk to him after that moment in his backyard. We kept in touch, yeah, but as soon as he had left the town, I was a wreck. I cried myself to sleep for a week, and after that, I was only talking to one person at school. Her name was Natalie, but she soon distanced herself from me, and I was left with nobody. The other girls at school called me a freak, a loner, and the boys thought I was just odd.

The letters became scarcer, and when I did receive one from him, he was constantly asking me if I was alright. I had thought I was fooling him to my state, but then again, I must have dropped my guard for a minute while I was writing it. I decided then that I would no longer write to him, unless it was truly important. I wanted him to remember me as I was before he left, not as the sad, loner that I was now.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to put up with reading his ever arriving letters. My mother must have been worried about me, and staying in Grand Marais wasn’t helping, so just after my seventh birthday, we moved away.

San Diego, California was nice. It was sunnier than Minnesota, so I enjoyed it more. I could swim a lot more, and I soon forgot about Keelan. Well, almost. I never forgot his smile.

The End

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