Smash Book RamblingsMature

These are character ramblings from my character SMASH BOOK that I created recently. Just stuff about my characters that I put into the book and want to share with the public.

So here's the sitch. I am currently putting together a Character SMASH Book, and in case you don't know what a SMASH Book is, it's basically a 40 page scrapbook that you can personally design yourself with stuff that you love, and want to save, but don't have a place for. Kinda like a junk drawer but a book. Hence, "smash" book. You can find them at Michael's or other craft stores. I think there's like 5 different themes to each book, and they all have their own different pattern pages, sometimes with text on them too. Just funny or cute little sayings or pictures.

Anyway, this is the place where I'm going to post little Character Tid-bits that I've included in my SMASH Book. I wish I could share pictures of the book too, but since you can't do that here, I will just post the things I've written in the book. Enjoy!

The End

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