A car crash, containing 2 young girls. Is it Fatal...or do they survive to see another day?

Clarisse is already in the car yelling out to me in French and honking the horn. I'm staying at her house in France for the summer, its only been two weeks and she's already sick of me! I'm still in my room, puting on the last of my makeup and frantically stuffing random things I might need on our day out in Paris, into my purse.

Lipstick, check. Mascara, check. Bobbypins, check. House keys, check. Ipod, check. Cellphone, check.

I put all of this stuff into my flashy yellow purse, throw my cashmere scarf around my neck, and slide on my giant purple sunglasses. I grab my leather jacket in case I need it for this evening, glance at myself one last time in the mirror, and run out of my room and out the front door, my heels clicking the whole way out. I close the door and walk down towards the car.

Clarisse already has the music pumping, and pulls out of the driveway before I even have my door closed.

"Dude, why are you in such a hurry?" I ask her, while reaching for the volume and turning the music down.

"I told you already Laura, I have an appointment in 5 minutes!" She rolled her eyes, and turned the music back up.

I looked out the window and felt my phone vibrating in my purse. So I fished it out, and saw there was a new message from Clarisse's boyfriend. Why was he texting me? I opened the message to see a brutal picture of an old man wearing a bathrobe that he opened and closed flashing the viewer with his old man junk. Ewww.

"Eww, Clarisse! Look at what your digusting boyfriend sent me!" I shoved the cellphone in her face, blocking her from seeing what was ahead.

She laughed her last laugh. 

A semi coming the other way smashed into us, and then all went black.


The End

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