The demon withinMature

When I came to my mother was tied up in the chair next to me, and as I looked at her I began to cry.

"Baby, don't cry it shows them weakness," She whispered as Nathan walked over.

I quickly changed my mind set as mom said, and I put on my soldier face. I needed to think of a way to get us out of here, and I had to act fast. There was nobody left to miss us, which meant anything was possible.

"What are you two whimpering about over here," Nathan snapped with Maria close behind.

" Pathetic sight, like mother like daughter," Maria snarled pleased with herself.

I had about enough of all the crap up to this point, and I was tired of playing the victim. I was intent on escaping, and I was even more focused on the fact it had to be tonight. I couldn't hold back my anger any longer, so I spoke my mind.

"Why don't you just kill us already?"

Nathan, Maria, and my mother stared me in the eye, they couldn't believe what I had just invoked. In my mind if Nathan was going to kill me, then he would have already. There was a reason he was keeping me alive, and that is something else I intended on finding out.

My mother had nothing to do with this, and I was going to get her out of here. All I had to do was catch one of them unguarded and make my move. I had been at the ropes all day, and I had already loosened them. I just needed the right moment to make my move, so I cooperated patiently as I waited.

"You want to die today, don't temp me bitch," Maria snapped in a rage.

"What did I tell you, I want her alive," Nathan scolded her which made me crack a smile.

"You find this amusing do you?" Nathan asks me as he come up behind me. " I wonder if mommy wants to see how naughty her baby can be."

"No!" I begged as he dragged me off the chair into the room.

Great now I would have to loosen the ropes all over again once I am re-tied back up. I wanted to scream as he raped me again with the door open, but I didn't want mom to hear. I glanced over and she had her eyes closed, Maria was so engulfed in what we were doing she didn't notice.

After the cruel treatment I was forced to shower again as Maria watched. Nathan went back to the kitchen with mom, and I feared what he was doing to her. When I came into the kitchen, dragging behind Maria, Nathan was gone. He had told my mother to tell Maria he would be back soon.

She tied me back up and left us to watch television, and I told mom of my plane to escape. If I could get the ropes loose enough I would untie her, and she could run for help. Maria couldn't stop both of us at once, and it was the only choice we had. She argued with me briefly before giving in.

I needed to some kind of weapon to distract Maria with while mom made her great escape. It had to be soon before Nathan returned. You would think two sadistic serial killer's would be smart enough to realize the rope weakens each time it's re-used.

I had an idea, once my mother was untied she would grab the knife from the block on the counter and we would make our escape. Though it didn't happen just like that, it was so quick I didn't have time to think. Maria came in just as my mother grabbed the knife, and she ran towards mom not realizing I was free as well.

I grabbed the vase from the bookshelf in the hall, and charged at her knocking her down.

"Run!" I yelled at mom.

Knife in hand she ran towards then door, as I heard Nathan's truck pull up.

"Go out the back," I yelled and she did.

Maria was coming to and I grabbed another knife from the block and held it to Maria's neck as Nathan walked through the front door.

"What the hell is..," He started to say and he saw the knife at Maria's throat.

"Nathan please, don't let her kill me," Maria pleaded.

"What a predicament we have here," Nathan laughed.

I could feel the fear run through Maria's body at Nathan's reaction.

"You know this reminds me of the first time I killed," Nathan taunted me.

Maria grew panicked, "Baby please!"

Nathan just laughed more, "What makes you think I care if SHE dies?" He asks.

For the first time I saw Maria break down, and I felt kind of sorry for her. I had to be strong, and I had to use her as leverage to give mom time to get help.

"This place will be swarming with cops any minute," I threatened.

"Oh and you think I care, I'm not going to jail," Nathan cocks his head as he nears me.

"No, your going to hell," I scream back outraged.

How can he not care about Maria, after all they have been through. How could someone be so hateful and vicious toward someone.

"Back up," I yelled as he grew closer. " I will do it."

"No you won't, " He says testing me. " Besides, once you do, it's just me and  you."

I hadn't thought that far ahead, and what was taking my mom so long I thought to myself.

Maria tried to wiggle free as she jabbed her elbow into my side, and almost causing be to drop the knife. Without even thinking about it I kissed the blade against her neck, and she fell to the floor. The blood ran out like a stream, and I dropped the knife falling to my knees.

The End

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