I was worried about my mother, and I was surprised she hadn't looked for me yet. Unless, something horrible happened to her. If I could just hear her voice, just once it would put me at ease.

"How's are little prisoner?" Nathan asked Maria with a sarcastic grin.

"She has been a little mouthy, but nothing I can't handle," she tells him.

Then they start making out right in front of me, and I want to close my eyes. Nathan yells at me to watch, or he will hurt me. I start crying in the horror of the two of them, which at this point are now undressing each other. Nathan nods to Maria, who then comes towards me.

She rips open my shirt and starts kissing all over my breasts, and I can tell this is arousing Nathan. She doesn't seem to notice the grotesque look on my face as her attention is on him. Soon he moves closer to her, and instructs her to take of my shorts. She does so without any struggle.

Horrified I freeze, I know I am defeated and the harder I fight the more angry it will make Nathan. So I just imagine I am somewhere else in my head. Maria slides on top of my lap facing me and starts grinding on me. I have a feeling this is not her first time trying to seduce a woman. She cups my breasts and starts kissing my neck, and Nathan now has his cock in his hand stroking it. I can tell by his facial expression he is to excited to stop.

Maria starts moaning as she dry humps me, and this makes Nathan moan as well. Out of all this horror, my body somehow found pleasure in this whole scene. I could feel the wetness between my legs, as Maria had my nipples in her mouth. I couldn't hold back the moans that escaped my throat. This seemed to please both of them to their climax. My heart was beating fast, and I felt ashamed. Maria removed herself from me and mounted Nathan on the floor right next to me.

After the finished their little session, Nathan instructed Maria to shower with me and get me cleaned up while he ran to get some dinner. Maria was very obedient with him, and I wasn't sure why. Can love really be that damn blind?

I closed my eyes while Maria scrubbed my body, and I wanted to vomit. Afterwards she dressed me in pink sweats and a black tank top. My hands still bound during the whole situation. She returned me to the chair in the kitchen.

"Why do you fight it?" She asks me.

I give her a death stare,"Excuse me?"

"It would be so much easier if you just cooperate, then there would be no more forcing," She smirks.

I just sit in silence thinking of what to say next. She doesn't give me time before she runs her mouth again.

"Don't pretend like you don't like it." she laughs.

"Your a nasty bitch, and I swear I will hurt you," I yell at her with fierce anger. It almost seemed to scare her, but then she had her normal face back on again.

She went into the living room to watch a movie, while she waited for Nathan to come back with dinner. Almost an hour passed before I heard the front door open, followed by muffled yelling. That's all I need more people in this fucked up sex saga, but I couldn't see who it was.

Nathan enters the kitchen with the food," Look who came to visit," he tells me.

At that moment my heart sank, and my whole body felt numb. I thought I was going to loose consciousness, as he threw the new addition in the chair next to me.

" Mom?" I cried.

She seemed drugged, like she didn't know what was going on. I looked into her face, but it was like she didn't recognize me.

"Mom!" I call again.

"Don't waste your breath, she has been drugged for a few days now," Nathan laughed.

" What about Oliver(her new boyfriend) where is he?" I asked.

"Oliver had a little accident, and nobody will be locating him anytime soon?" Maria called as she walked into the kitchen.

I felt like I was in hell, stuff like this doesn't happen to people like me. When I get out of here, and I will; I am never living in a small town again I thought to myself.

"Lets eat," Nathan announced as my eyes slowly shut.

The End

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