Double troubleMature

When I came to my vision was a little blurry and I was tied to the kitchen chair, but I could make out a figure in front of me. I was sure it was Nathan, but found out is Maria when she spoke.

"Pay back is a bitch," she said in a cocky tone.

"How could you even live with yourself helping him," I asked with desperation.

Maria just laughs, and I can tell she is enjoying every minute of my capture.

"Where is Nathan?" I demand.

"He had to take care of some business," she tells me.

"Ironic isn't it?" Maria asks me.

"What's that?" I say with no emotion.

"That you stole my man, and I have been with Nathan before he even moved here," she scoffed.

How could she possibly know him, he has never mentioned her. Then again why would he if he intended to run out this plan. I wondered just how long she had known him.

"How did you meet him anyway," I entertained her smug expression.

She explained,"Well darling I have known him as long as you. In fact his mother had an affair with my father, That's why they moved away. Small town people talk, and his weak ass mother couldn't handle the rumors. So he and I have kept in touch this whole time. So finally his crazy ass mom killed her husband(my dad) and they moved back."

"I thought he died due to health?" I ask curiously.

"Wow you really don't get it, insanity doesn't fall far from the tree tootsie," She laughs.

How could all this be going on and I didn't notice. Its a small town, was I really that tied up in school to not notice? The very thing that could get me out of this town also blinded me.

"You know Nathan really did like you, but your just not adventurous enough for him," Maria brags.

"Oh and you are?" I say smugly.

Maria seemed to take offense to my statement, as she kisses the blade she had been holding against my neck.

"Your lucky I promised to to touch your stupid ass," she tells me.

"I don't understand why your doing this," I cried.

"Well a mixture of craziness and love has a tendency to do this sort of thing to a girl," She said blankly.

Great now Nathan has a partner, god only knows what he plans on doing to me now. I wondered where he was, but it was clear she wasn't going to tell me. All I could was wait until he got back and ask myself.

"To bad about Cindy though, I actually liked her," Maria tells me as she brings a glass of water up to my lips.

I spit the water back in her face and her hand landed across my face. I admit it hurt like hell, but I couldn't let her know that.

" You ungrateful bitch," she yelled. "You can just starve until he gets back."

"Someone will eventually look for me," I pouted.

Maria just laughed," You mean like your mother?"

That expression on her face had me worried, what did they do to mom. If I get loose I am going to kill that skank I swear it.I heard the front door before I could reply back to her threatening comment.

Then I hear Nathan's voice," Daddy's home."

The End

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