Almost freeMature

I opened my eyes, and I heard the television was on. I looked over at Nathan who was passed out next to me, and I knew this was my chance.

I slowly slid away from Nathan, which was difficult with my hands still bound. I was almost off the couch when he stirred a little, but he didn't wake. I took a deep breath and lifted my body off the couch.

I tip-toed into the kitchen and picked up the land line, but the line was dead. I went into my purse to get my cell and keys but he had taken those too. Now what was I going to do, beside try to open the front door with my hands tied behind me. That stupid front door that creaks like an eerie old house, he would hear me for sure.

I searched everywhere for my cell and keys, but I came up empty. I went back into the living room to check on Nathan, the couch was empty. Shoot where did he go? Had he forgot about me watching the movies with him?

When I turned around I ran right into him, but he didn't get angry. His eyes seem to have some softness back in them.

"What are you doing" he asks me.

" I had to use the restroom," I lied.

"You weren't going to try and leave me were you?" he asked

"No baby I was just going to the bathroom I swear," I lied again.

"Ok well lets go to the be," he said as he led me into the room.

We laid down on the bed and I thought I was going to actually get some sleep tonight, until he started to remove my clothes. I had to play along If I wanted to earn his trust.

He spoke, "You know if you try to leave, I will find you and kill you."

"I'm not going anywhere," I promised him.

Then the doorbell rang, and Nathan jumped up in a panic grabbing my arm. We walked into the living room and he put a gag in my mouth. He opened the door concealing me behind it, but still gripping my arm. It was his mom, and she seemed very upset.

"What do you want mother," he asked her in a hateful tone.

"Aren't you going to invite me in?" she asks.

Before she could say another word he slammed the door in her face. We were about to walk back to the room when his mother spoke from behind the door.

"If you don't let me in I am going to call Dr. Finch," she threatened.

"Fine, just wait a minute," he growled back.

He pushed me into his office, bounded hands and gagged mouth. Before leaving he told me if I made a sound he would cut my throat.

I heard him let his mother in, and they went into the living room. I couldn't make out what they were saying, but as long as I could hear them in there I had time to search in here. I faced my back to Nathan's desk and opened the drawers, and to my surprise I found a letter opener. I'm not sure what I was going to do with it, it's dull point would never cut this rope on my hands. So I just left it and kept searching.

One of the drawers seemed to have a hidden compartment that me and Cindy missed before. I managed to flip it up revealing a photo album. I maneuvered it with my tied hands onto the desk. I moved toward the door to make sure I still heard voices out there. Sounded like they were still talking so I went back to the desk.

I flipped open the album, but it was filled with news paper clippings not photos. They all had the same headline. The Kansas city slayer.

What the heck did he have these for, so I browsed one of the articles.

Today the body of 19 yr old Samantha banks was recovered in a deserted field just outside Kansas city. She had been badly beaten and sexually abused. This is the third body this month. Police believe they have a serial killer on their hands and are asking for anyone with information to come forward.

I stopped reading because I heard footsteps coming my way. I tried to hurry and put it back but the door flew open. Nathan saw me with the album and started laughing.

"Now you know my secret," he simply stated.

"How could you do that to those women?" I asked.

"Mandy do you know how hard it was to pretend to be nice to you when I stopped taking my meds?" he asked.

"No," I whimpered.

"Once I opened that album all the rush came back to me, and I knew I was meant to be a killer," he tells me.

He walks over to me and throws me on top of the desk, he brings up a knife to my neck. I am shaking and I close my eyes thinking this is it. Then he speaks again.

"You should try it Mandy, the high you feel is like nothing you even felt. We could be like Bonnie and Clyde me and you, like a team. We could leave this small town and travel where ever we please," he finished.

"Your fucking sick," I screamed at him.

"I will show you sick," he yells.

Just as he raises the knife to slice me I push my body weight up and knock him backwards. The knife is still in his hand, and I try to kick it out of his hand. Instead I kick his hand and send the knife straight into his leg with the force of my foot. He screams in pain, and I turn to run from him.

He grabs my leg and I fall, my head hits the floor and I black out.


The End

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