Who is Dr. FinchMature

I must have blacked out again, when I opened my eyes Nathan was sitting on the bed with his back towards me. He was on the phone with his mom,  The volume on his phone was high and I could hear her voice.

"Nathan Dr. Finch called and said you missed your session this week," his mother tells him.

" I don't need that damn shrink or the meds, they make me feel off," he barked back at her.

"I'm just looking out for you, remember what happened to those girls in Kansas city don't you? All those innocent girls, because you were off your meds. It's not wonder Mandy hasn't figured you out yet," His mother finished with a deep sigh.

What his mother knows about his mood swings, and there are more girls? I was beginning to think my chance of survival was slimmer by the second.

"Where is Mandy now?" Nathan's mom asked.

"She is tied up with Cindy right now, visiting family in Florida," he snickered.

"Well her mother is worried about her, she might stop by later," his mother says.

"Well she isn't here like I said, now I have to go," Nathan said has he hung up his cell.

He was right about one thing, I was tied up. Tied to my own restraints while my best friend lies dead in the basement below me.

I closed my eyes as her turns his head, but he shakes me.

"Mandy are you awake baby?" he asks

What? Is here crazy he just raped me repeatedly, and has been holding me prisoner and he wants to call me baby. I had to play nice, I was starving and it was two days since I last ate. Ok time to role play, lay on the sweetness.

"Yes I'm hungry baby can you make me something?" I ask him.

He smiles at me as if everything is normal, "Of course be back in a few.

When he left the room I tried to wiggle out of the restraints, but they were to tight. My legs were mot bound, but if I made to much noise he would hear me. I looked around the room for anything that my legs could drag to me to loosen the restraints. Then Nathan was back in the room again.

"Here you go honey," He says handing me left over pizza he microwaved.

He was acting calm, so I figures my chances of asking him to let me go may be in reason.

"Baby do you really need to keep my hands tied? I can't even eat my Pizza," I said as he fed it to me.

"Yes they are necessary, as a matter of fact I have some errands to run so back to the basement with you when you finish eating," he muttered.

"What? I am your wife how can you treat me like this?" I tried to reason with him.

"Exactly why I will do as I please, maybe if your good I will bring back some real food," he laughed as he took the plate to the kitchen.

"Who is Dr. Finch" I asked.

"What? Who have you been talking to?" he screamed at me.

"I heard you on the phone with you mother," I confessed.

"Are you sick Nathan? We can get you help honey," I tired to sound concerned.

"Help? a lot of good that did when my father was beating me, my mom was drinking her life away, and the girl I loved broke my heart," He spat.

"Help Mandy, is for sucker!" he said as he dragged me to the basement.

I gasped when I saw Cindy's body still at the bottom of the stairs. In response he told me he was going to dump her body in a field in the country. He threatened to do the same to me if I tried to escape.

" Now be a good girl while I'm gone," Nathan said as he shoved me in the small room and locked it.

There was no kindness in his eyes, he was no longer the guy I kissed in my tree house.

The Nathan I knew was gone.

The End

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