Gun shotsMature

After we calmed ourselves down, we listened to see if Nathan was outside the door. Just to be safe we decided to whisper.

"Soon my school will be looking for me professor Blake knows I never miss," I breathed silently.

"You don't think Nathan didn't think of that? I heard him on the phone with your professor," Cindy whispered back. "He told them you had to leave town to help with a sick relative."

Nathan can be quite charming and convincing to those who don't truly know him. I mean he has to be, he won me over in less than 48 hours. He convinced me to hide his violence from everyone I love.

How could his own mother not know she was living under the same roof with a monster? Is this what he meant when he said he had a past? All these questions were swirling in my head, and it was so silent I could hear our hearts beating. Unless his mom was in on it, maybe her husbands death was no accident. I have heard stories about families who murder together, what a sick world.

"Mandy?" Cindy's voice broke me from my insane thoughts.

"Yes," I answered her.

"What are we going to do?" she asked.

"We need a plan," I admitted.

"Like what?" Cindy whispered.

"We need a distraction, something that makes him loose concentration for a second. Then that person runs past him while the other one tries to contain him. He is strong so it has to be quick, and the one who flees will go find help," I finish just as Nathan's foot steps appear again.

"This is it," I barely whisper to Cindy.

Nathan opened the door with a grin on his face, " Hello ladies who would like to be first?"

I looked at Cindy and then I kicked Nathan in between the legs as hard as I could. Cindy bolted for the stairs and Nathan fell to the cement floor. I tired to run past him, but he grabbed my ankle and pulled me down.

"RUN!" I yelled to Cindy as she climbed the stairs.

My vision was blurry, and Nathan's angry voiced became muffled.

I heard gun shots, and then I heard a thud on the stairs and screamed.

"Cindy?" I yelled. "Cindy is that you, did you get to the top?"

I rolled over and adjusted my eyes, and was horrified to see Cindy laying at the bottom of the stairs with a bullet hole in the back of her head.

"SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!" Nathan shouted at me as he regained his balance.

He grabbed my arm and yanked me up to a standing position. He started to drag me up the stairs.

"Now you must be punished," he muttered.

"No Please!" I cried.

It was no use in calling for help, the nearest neighbor was five miles up the road. All these warning sign I so blindly missed. How could I be so stupid, and now I would never be able to forget this.

When we reached the top of the stairs he pulled me into the bathroom. He restrained me with one hand while turning on the shower with the other.

"Now undress yourself and get in," he pointed toward the shower.

I did as he said, but I just wanted to die. I had thought about just letting him shoot me, but I knew he would never shoot to kill. I had to escape, my mother would be left all alone. She would blame herself for what happened to me, for not seeing what I hid from her.

"Hurry up get in," he demanded pointing the gun at me. He undressed and stepped in next to me.

"Your mine, and either you will give me what is mine or I will take it," he told me before shoving his manhood in my mouth.

The End

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