The darknessMature

I must have passed out, when I woke up it was pitch black. I felt my way around the room, as I felt all four walls I realized how small the room was. I felt the walls for some kind of light switch, but my luck was null.

"Hello?" I called.

I could make out muffled sound above me, oh my god am I buried alive. I started to cry, but it didn't matter nobody could hear me. I banged on the walls screaming bloody murder, until I finally heard foot steeps near me. I heard locks unlock, and then the light snuck through.

"Hello my luv," Nathan smiled.

"What are you doing Nathan, why am I down here in the basement? What is this room?" I asked all at once.

He just laughed at me, pointing a gun in my face the whole time. I searched the room for somewhere to run, but there were no outlets in sight.

"Mom will soon look for me," I yelled over my tears.

He roared," Your mother thinks your staying with Cindy's Aunt in Florida."

"What did you do to Cindy you bastard?" I asked.

He was amused with my fear, I could see the empty look in his eyes staring back at me.

"Cindy luv should of minded her own damn business instead of coming back to check on you," he boomed. " I do have to say I admire her loyalty to you."

"Don't hurt her please," I begged. "She has nothing to do with this."

"Oh but that is where your wrong Mandy, so naïve you are," Nathan scorned.  

"Why are you doing this?" I stuttered.

"Why not?" he said slamming the door in my face.

I could hear the lock engaging on the outside of the door, then I heard his foot steps fade.

It was minutes later I heard him return accompanied with another set of steps. I heard muffled sobbing, and then the locks disengaged. When the door swung open, I saw Cindy standing there in Nathan's grasp.

"Tell her bitch, tell her what you been doing behind her back," he said pointing the gun at her head.

Cindy began sobbing louder, and Nathan pulled the gag from her mouth so she could speak.

"I'm sorry Mandy, I was ....he forced me to," she whined.

"What is going on, someone please tell me?" I screamed.

"He made me give myself to him," Cindy started to hyperventilate.

How could I not see all this, how could all this be going on and I didn't see with my eyes what was right there.

"Oh don't worry luv she does mean since last night," Nathan clarified. " Last night when she didn't hear from you, she brought her nosy ass over here. I myself was feeling a little lonely, and she was flaunting this little dress here. She was just asking for me to spread her legs and fuck her good," he rumbled with laughter.

"Nathan your sick, you need help," I said disgusted.

"Help? Help? you think I need help, your just like the rest of them," he said pushing the gun into Cindy's temple.

"Give me a reason to shoot the bitch," he spat as he shoved her in the room with me and locked the door.

We waited for his footsteps to fade before we spoke.

"I'm so sorry Cindy I should told someone sooner," I sobbed into her shoulder.

"It's not your fault Mandy, we will figure this out," Cindy assured me.

We embraced each other as we sobbed helplessly in Nathan's basement in the darkness. 


The End

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