Worst nightmareMature

When Cindy left in the morning my mind was all over the place. Do I confront Nathan about what I found? Yeah if I wanted my ass beat, but I admit it would be well worth his answer. What about Jeff, he accused Nathan of creeping around with Maria. What the hell happened to my life, it was simple just a few short months ago.

Nathan had some deep dark secrets lurking beneath his walls, and I was just the person to knock them down. I was tired of playing the quiet obedient girlfriend.

Just then I heard the sound of Nathan’s new truck door closing. He stumbled in still half drunk, and headed straight for the shower.

“We need to talk Nathan,” I said following behind him.

“Not now I’m tired,” he slurred from inside the shower.

“Tired of what? Screwing that dirty bitch Maria behind my back?” I asked with anger.

“Such an imagination you have Mandy,” he laughed peeking his head out of the shower.

“Really?  So I guess I imagined all those bondage photos in the secret room in your office to huh?” the words escaped my lips before I had time to stop myself.

The water shut off and Nathan covered himself with a towel. Then he came at me, pinning me up against the wall.

“You were snooping in my things? Playing detective while I was gone?” he asked in an angered tone.

“I…I..Jeff stopped by and he,” my voice was cut off by the slap of his back hand to my mouth.

I grabbed my face and screamed in pain, ”No you promised.”

Before I knew it he was dragging me by my hair into the bed room.

“Here let me give you a demonstration,”He breathed into my ear as he held me down.

“Nathan, no please stop!” I cried. He didn’t listen to me, he ripped my t-shirt off and used it to bound my hands together.

“Please please,” I cried in terror.

“You want me to show you how I do those girls in the photo?” He snickered.

He straightened my body out on the bed and pulled off my shorts. I tried to kick him, but he held my legs down. Next thing I knew he was on top of me, and he forced himself inside me. I was choking on my tears as he rammed his cock harder inside of me.

“Tell me you like it,” he screamed as he pulled my hair.

I couldn’t speak, it hurt and I was afraid for my life. He raised his hand and smacked my face again.

“Tell me you like it bitch,” he demanded again.

I would rather me dead then here right now, and I would not get out alive unless I agreed to his demands.

“I like it,” I cried.

“Say it like you mean it!” he yelled.

I said it again many times until he was satisfied. When he released his fluids inside me, he got off and untied my hands.

“Go clean up,” he ordered. “Oh and if you tell anyone about this I will kill you and your mom, then I will drive your bodies into the country and dump them where they will never be found.

When he left the room I ran into the shower and turned the water as hot as it would go. I sat under the steaming water holding my knees and rocking back and forth. I was still in shock; one minute I’m talking to him and the next he is raping me.

Something is not right with him, I should have left sooner. Know he has threatened not only my life, but mom’s. I just sat there under the water sobbing uncontrollably.





The End

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