Liar LiarMature

 We pulled into the drive of Nathan's house just as the rain began to fall. We hurried inside, laughing at the screams we made when the water drops hit us. Cindy had never been inside the house before, so she was intrigued at the expensive art that lined the walls.

She followed me into the living area which was surrounding a large 60 inch plasma flat screen television.

"Wow Nathan doesn't play when it comes to the good stuff," Cindy commented as her eyes surveyed the room.

If only she knew at what price I had to pay to enjoy all these nice things.

I ordered a Pizza and we changed into our sleep clothes. We made ourselves comfortable on the sofa waiting for the pizza, and were trying to decide on a movies when my phone buzzed. It was Nathan for the fifteenth time, no surprise.

Nathan: Hey love are you at the house yet

Mandy: Yes we are here just ordered a pizza

Nathan: Just checking on you, I will be home in the morning

Mandy: OK

The doorbell rang and we ran for the door giggling. We pigged out on pizza and watched movies late into the night. We were halfway into our fourth movie when the doorbell rang again. I peeked out and it was Jeff, and I had no Idea what he was doing at my door.

"What the hell are you doing here," I whipped the door open.

"What the hell is your man doing with my woman?" he asked back.

"What are you talking about creep?" I screamed at him.

What was he talking about? Maria and Nathan together, it was impossible.

"What proof do you have," I snorted.

"Well do you know where Nathan is now?" he asked in a sarcastic tone.

My heart dropped, Nathan had been acting strange lately with his trips to Kansas city. What if Jeff was right? Maybe he was just trying to get me mad at Nathan so I would leave.

Cindy came to the door when she heard the commotion,"What is going on?" she asked clueless.

"Nothing," I said slamming the door in Jeff''s face.

I told Cindy what Jeff had said, and she suggested he was just trying to start trouble. I was confused, and if I asked Nathan about it, he would just get all defensive and turn it on me. I needed proof, and then I could through it in his face.

"Lets see if we can find anything," Cindy recommended.

I had never been in Nathan's office, it was off limits to me. He would kill me if I even thought about snooping around in there, besides he kept it locked.

"I don't know if that's a good idea," I answered Cindy. "Plus he keeps his office locked.

"People don't lock a door unless there hiding something," Cindy mocked. "I know how to pick a stupid lock."

After she got the lock open we entered his office, it was the first time I had actually been all the way inside. It smelled like him, and it made me paranoid. Cindy went straight for his desk, searching every drawer. We found nothing to convict Nathan of cheating. We searched file cabinets, couch cushion's and even the private bathroom in there. We came up empty handed, and as we were about to leave I tripped into the bookcase. What happened next shocked the heck out of me. The bookcase opened up into another smaller room, but it was dark and I couldn't see inside.

I fumbled around in the dark until I found the light switch. My Jaw dropped at the horrific sight that invaded my eyes. Pictures, lots of them including Maria. Not just any type of picture, but pictures of women tied up with rope. They didn't look to be forced, it was like some kind of fetish Nathan had or twisted fantasy. He had never been rough with me when we made love, and now I see why.

The End

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