I woke up late, after forgetting to set my alarm. I threw on my clothes and jumped in my car. I got to my Cubicle just before Mr. Lyle was checking that everyone made it in. After he was gone Cindy popped her head over.

"Hey! How's Nathan?" she asked. I gave her a sad face and told her about yesterday. She suggested maybe he was just out with some friends since I couldn't go out. I didn't want to think about it, Monday's at work were always busy. I knew I could count on it going by quickly, but I was still upset about Nathan. By lunch time I had kind of cooled off a bit and decided to give Nathan the benefit of the doubt. I finished out the day with Cindy in my ear about her new guy.

Afterwards I headed home to get my school books that I left behind this morning. Nathan was unloading groceries from his Aunt's car when I pulled up. I ran inside grabbed my bag and headed back to my car.

"Mandy, wait up," Nathan called behind me.

"I'm late for class, " I said as I climbed in my car.

"OK well I'll text you later then, " He said as I drove off. Lets see how he likes it, I was not one to play games and I was really in a hurry.

After class I didn't feel like going straight home so I stopped at Harry's , a local pub in town. I just finished my beer when Jeff walked in with Maria, wow that break up was even shorter then the last. He seemed a little embarrassed when he spotted me, and directed Maria to the other end of the bar. After one more beer I headed home, I did have work in the morning. I had avoided the situation with Nathan enough and I had to face him sooner or later.

When I got home Nathan was on his aunt's porch with a beer in his hand. He had text me once, but I told him I was still at school studying. I walked over and sat next to him, and he kissed my forehead.

"Are you mad with me?" He asked. New beginning, so I guess I should be honest with him. I told him how I felt, and that I was sorry I ignored him all day.

He said he had went back to Kansas city to check on the house, and he ran into some friends. He had forgot his phone at his aunt's , so that's why he text

me so late. They had a potential buyer for the house who was going to give them his decision by the end of the week.

"I'm really sorry to have worried you," he said cupping my chin and kissing my lips. "I miss you, and there is no one else," he added. I smiled at his answer, and I believed he was telling the truth.

"Oh I almost forgot the good news, " he smiled.

"And what might that be," I was curious.

"I think I found a place, it's right outside of town," he replied. "It's not to far from the casino"

"What about your mom?" I asked him.

"She wants to stay with Cathy, she's afraid she would be lonely with me always gone," he replied.

"I would really like it if you moved with me," he surprised me. I barely been dating him a few days and he wants me to move in already? I don't think mom would like that , and she would get lonely.

"Let's just see how it goes, " I laughed.

"OK but I don't want anyone trying to steal my girl," he teased. Or so I thought, but the look in his face was dead serious. He spoke again, "Your mine now Mandy and I will do anything for you." It kind of scared me, the stern tone in his words.

I didn't belong to anyone, as I was not a piece of property. I tried not to feed on it to much, and he may have just been letting me know his feelings.

"Or should I worry," I thought out loud.

The End

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