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I slept in Sunday morning, I usually do when I can to prepare for the week ahead. Back to work and school tomorrow, but the only thing on my mind was Nathan. I didn't want to leave him last night, but mom would kill me. As long as I'm living under her roof I have to follow her rules, no matter what age I was.

I stretched, gathered all my laundry in the clothes basket and headed to the laundry room. Mom was gone to the store for her Sunday shop, we always spent the day together on Sunday. We usually watched a chic flick on television, and it was the one day we ate in the living room.

After I loaded the washer I went upstairs to finish up last minute homework. My phone beeped, it was Nathan and his text made me smile.

Nathan: Good morning gorgeous

Mandy: Good morning handsome

Nathan: miss you already

Mandy: miss you too

I already mentioned to him last night that Sunday was mom's day, besides he had things to work on for the Casino's opening in three months. He had only been here a few days, and already we were dating. It seemed a little fast, but it's not like he's a stranger off the street. I have been living next to his Aunt most of my life. Then his statement about his past filtered back into my mind. He doesn't seem like the type to have any dark secrets, but then again I could be wrong.

I heard mom come in as I was finishing up my school work, and I ran down to help her with the groceries. Afterwards I made us both a salad for lunch and then put my clothes in the dryer.

"Hows it going with Nathan, " she asked me.

"It's going good," I answered back. "Nathan is a really nice guy, I just don't want to rush into things you know," I explained.

"Yes, good Idea honey, specially since you have to live next door to him if there is a falling out," she stated. The truth was it was to late to walk away, the way I felt when I was with him was unlike any feeling I've had with anyone else. When we were together nothing else mattered, nobody else mattered.

Mom wanted me to go to the flea market a few town over, she wanted some new plants for the house. I finished folding my clothes and then we left. I saw Nathan and his Aunt outside when we walked to the car, I waived at him as we drove off.

I decided I was not going to sleep with him right away, that always complicates things. I had a good feeling about him, and I knew he would wait for me.

We spent two hours walking around the flea market before we returned back home. Nathan's car was gone, so I assumed he was out with his family. Sunday seemed to sail by, it was diner before I realized. Mom was making lasagna with French bread, my absolute favorite.

I heard my phone beep from the hall table, and I figured it had to be Nathan, but it was Cindy asking about my night. I filled her in with all the details, and she told me her date went well too.

I was a little bummed that I hadn't heard from Nathan all day, and his car was still missing from the driveway. The delicious smell of the lasagna dragged me back into the kitchen just as mom removed it from the oven.

We ate diner, watched a movie, and I showered for bed yet still no word from Nathan. I peeked out my window and his car was still absent. Maybe he had to go back to Kansas city to get some stuff from the house they were selling. I wanted to text him, but I figured he was busy or he would of text me already. I took a deep breath and climbed in bed hoping to get some sleep.

The sound of Nathan's car woke me up as the clock read 2:00 am, and I jumped out of bed to see if he was alone. I saw him stumbling up his front steps, was he drunk? Has he gone out without me, and if so with who? I'm not a jealous person, but this didn't seem like something Nathan would do. It made me question how well I really knew him.

I was kind of sad as I climbed back into bed, how would I bring this up tomorrow without sounding nosy.

My phone beeped, it was Nathan but I didn't respond. I will let him sweat it out like I had all day.

The End

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