Small town to big cityMature

When I opened my eyes then sun was already glowing through my windows. I could hear Cindy in the shower, and smell breakfast cooking down stairs. Mom always made her butter pecan pancakes when Cindy stayed over.

I have to admit I am a little nervous about today, but excited all at the same time. I had almost forgot about my nightmare until my phone buzzed, and it was Jeff of course. He was starting early this morning, I was thinking about leaving my phone today, I could always be reached on Cindy's cell if mom needed me. I stumbled down the stairs and plopped in the chair at the kitchen table.

"Morning sweetheart," mother announced.

Half asleep I let out a a grunt, and dug into my plate of pancakes she placed in front of me. Cindy made her way down stairs just as I finished up my breakfast and swallowed the last gulp of milk. My turn to shower, so I took my plate to the sink and rinsed it off.

"Did you leave me some hot water?" I called as I dragged myself up the stairs.

Cindy giggled,"Yes Mandy, now wake yourself up will ya were leaving in an hour."

The warm water felt good, and woke me right up. I had just finished getting dressed in the new dress mom bought when I heard Nathan ring the doorbell. Of course Cindy was more then eager to let him in.

"Hi I'm Cindy, and you must be Nathan," she flirted. I could here Cindy filling his ear about the reason behind the trip, and her love for Caleb. Poor guy, I'm sure he was not looking forward to chic talk all day.

We all piled in the car and set off for the city. It was  nice day, not to hot and not to cold. Cindy pretty much chatted Nathan up the whole way there, as I drove wondering what he was thinking about.  I just smiled as he looked a little overwhelmed with all Cindy's nosy questions. I think by the time we reached our destination we knew just about everything about Nathan. Well the basics anyway, he was probably glad to escape the small space.

Nathan had been to many big Cities, and of course came from a decent sized one. He was a year older then us, and he had already graduated school of business. I had one more year to go, and it couldn't come fat enough.

As we walked along the shops Cindy was like a child in a candy store with each new window, I thought her eyes were going to pop out. Nathan just observed quietly as we moved along. Cindy didn't pay much mind to our random glances at each other, she was to busy shopping. Her parent's gave her an unlimited credit card, which I thought was a little dangerous in her case.

We came to a window, something caught my eye and I froze. It was a sterling silver necklace with a heart pendant made up of black diamonds, it was beautiful. Nathan caught me staring and startled me, "You should get it, it would look great on you."

"No I am saving up for my own place," I responded sadly. I really liked it, black diamonds were my thing. I didn't have two hundred dollars to spend, though I know Cindy would have bought it if I asked. I just kept moving, Cindy was already two stores ahead of us browsing the racks outside. She probably wouldn't of even noticed if we disappeared. When she was in shopping mode, she was invisible.

It was getting close to lunch and I was starving from all the walking. I caught up to Cindy to let her know, it wasn't easy convincing her. She finally agreed to take a break and we stopped at a burger joint on the strip. She scuffed her food down so fast that I wondered if she even tasted it.

"Hey can I meet you two back here in an hour, your to slow," she begged. Giggling with my mouth full of food I nodded.

"Hey I need to use the restroom , I will be back in a few," Nathan added. It seemed like forever when he finally returned. We visited a few more shops while we waited for Cindy. We spotted an ice cream parlor and decided on some milk shakes.

He slid his hand into mine as we crossed the street, "safety first" he smiled. I don't know why I felt so shy with him, but I did. I could barely look him in the eyes without picturing myself kissing him. Oh my, what is happening to me? I don't want to go to fast with him, and ruin things like I always do.

We finished up our milk shakes and headed back to meet Cindy. He held my hand all the way back, but I dropped it as soon as I saw Cindy. I don't know why, it's not like I'm five and she is my mother. When it comes to romance, I'm more reserved and I like to keep it private. There is no hiding anything from Cindy, because she gave me that evil grin when we reached her.

Cindy had a date tonight, so she was going home as soon as we got back home. The ride home was quiet, and seemed faster then the ride in. After Cindy transferred all her bags into her own car, she told mom good-bye and headed home.

"So, what do you do around here for fun?" Nathan asked. There goes the nerves again, or was it butterflies? Either way it wasn't like me, and my heart began beating faster.

"I...uh..well we could see what's playing at the drive in," I suggested.

"OK, sounds good to me. First let me freshen up, I will meet back outside in an hour?" he asked.

I nodded and started thinking of something cute to wear as I climbed the steps to my own house.

The End

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