Dessert sounds goodMature

I lead our guests to the front room, and then return to the kitchen to help mom set the table. I watched mom as she finished placing the food on the table, she was elegant and beautiful. She mentioned for me to notify our guest that diner was ready, and so we all gathered around then table.

"Nathan how are you enjoying the town so far," mom asked.

He politely answered, " I like it just fine ma'am, thanks you." He had only been here a day , which wasn't enough time to really form an opinion about anything. They construction for the casino began this morning, and his mother put him in charge of the project.

" You know I was thinking maybe Mandy could show you around this weekend," mom butted in. I love my mom, but she was not very good at this match making thing. I could see in Nathan's face he wasn't sure how to answer that. So I chimed in, "Yeah sure if you want."

The rest of the diner conversation contained the plans for the casino and finding a house for Mrs. Parker's sister, who I learned was  named was Nancy. After diner I helped mom clear the table. I didn't even hear Nathan come into the kitchen until he spoke, "Can I help you with anything ladies?"

"Sure hun I was about to bring out the apple pie hun, you can you bring it to the table and I will grab the plates," my winked as she passed me. I heard mother ask who wanted desert, Oh I did but it wasn't apple pie. When desert was finished I cleaned up the kitchen while mom walked out guests to the door. She returned to the kitchen to check on me.

"He is handsome, wouldn't you say Mandy?" mom asked me.

"Mom!" I yelled in a joking tone.

"I'm just saying sweetie, he seems like a polite boy," she grinned. I dried of my hands and told mom I was going upstairs to finish my homework. Which was only half true, I was going up stairs but no homework. I just didn't want to stay and be hassled about Nathan any longer.

I hadn't told Cindy about Nathan yet, mostly because I would have to hear her taunt me to. Now that mom volunteered me as a tour guide, I had to let her now he was tagging along this weekend. Not that I minded at all, actually now that it was all three of us it would be less awkward. It could wait until tomorrow, I just wanted to relax for once. It had been a long week and I was kind of looking forward to this weekend.

My phone buzzed, it was Jeff

Jeff: I miss you babe

Me: What do you want Jeff?

Jeff: I was just thinking about you

Me: Where is that bitch girlfriend of yours?

Jeff: We broke up

Me: I'm busy leave me alone

Jeff: please, can I see you?

Me: no I said leave me alone

I guess he took a hint because he didn't respond back. I knew it wouldn't last long, its was only like the twentieth time they have split up. I had midterms coming up and I didn't need his drama screwing that up. I couldn't get comfortable so I decided to sit on the front porch, it was a beautiful night.

"Could you use some company?" I heard Nathan's voice call from his Aunt's house.

"Sure, why not," I called back. I couldn't help staring at him while he walked toward me, he had the cutest smile. He sat in the chair next to mine and looked up at the sky.

"It's a beautiful night, the weather is great," he spoke softly.

"Yes, it is," I agreed.

"Hey can I ask you something?" He questioned.

"Sure , I guess," I answered.

"Do you remember that time in the tree house when we kissed?" he smiled. I had not recalled that until that moment, and was surprised he did. It made me blush a little.

"So long ago, " I replied.

"Funny I remember it like it was yesterday," he whispered. We both sat in silence the rest of his visit enjoying the warm breeze, then my mother called for me.

"I guess I will see you this weekend then, " I stated as I walked inside.

"Looking forward to it," he smiled wide.

Oh my god he was so cute, and I was so going to get myself in trouble.

The End

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