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When I got to work the next morning everyone was buzzing about the news of the Casino. New job opportunities and attract more attention to out small town was all the chatter. I rolled my eyes at Cindy as I plopped in my chair.

"Oh geez, you think people ever get tired of running off their mouths," I asked Cindy.

"I know right," she agreed.

Another day past I thought as I rode home from work. At least I didn't have class today, but I did have a big test to study for Wednesday. When I got home mom was out, but she left a note.


Went to Pearsville with Mrs. Parker be back late.

Leftover meatloaf in the fridge.



Pearsville was the next town over, mom sometimes went antiquing there. It was more a tourist kind of town, not many residents. I went upstairs to my room and got out my school books. I love business, but international business was even harder then I thought it would be. I just keep reminding myself it will all be well worth it in the end.

My phone rang and scared me half to death, it was Cindy. "Hello," I answered.

" You are not going to believe this, " she shrieked.

"What is so exciting that you interrupted by studying," I joked.

"Guess who is coming to our small town, " she asked.

"Uh I give up, " I breathed. I hated being interrupted while I was studying, and she knew this. So I can only guess it must be something she couldn't hold in.

"Caleb Olson," she screamed. He was her favorite rock singer, and she was super infatuated with him. She gave me the details before hanging up. He had heard there was a Casino opening here soon, and his manager thought it would be a great opportunity. Well of course it would, he knew the Casino alone would draw out folks from miles away. It wasn't for another three months, which was the dead line for the casinos grand opening. Wow Mrs. Parker's sister was not even in town yet, and plans were being made for a casino that was still just an empty lot.

That made my mind wander to her nephew, I wondered what he looked like. He had only ever been here once when he was seven, and if I remember correctly he was a bit of a geek. People can change I guess, it's not like there are any other available men in town right now. I usually had to go into the bigger towns to meet new people. With school I haven't been doing much of that, which is why I guess I settled for Jeff. I must have drifted off, because I jumped up at the sound over mother closing the front door behind her.

"Honey, are you awake?" moms voice carried up the stairs. I stumbled down the stairs where she had her hands full of various shopping bags.

"Oh there you are, I found the cutest dress and it had your name written all over it," she smiled. She pulled out a white spaghetti strapped dress exploding with little daisies. She was absolutely right, it was adorable.

"I love it, thanks mom," I kissed her cheek. I helped her put her bags on the counter, and opened the fridge to grab the plate of meatloaf.

"How's the studying, need any help?" she volunteered.

" No I think I'm good," I muffled under my last bite of meatloaf. I headed back up stairs and jumped in the shower hoping it would wake me up enough to finish studying.

When I got out I heard voice, I peeked out my Window and saw an unfamiliar car in Mrs. Parker's drive way. I could only guess it was her sister, but I thought they weren't due until the weekend.

I couldn't see anyone, so they must have already gone in. I glanced back at the clock and it was already 10:00 PM. Darn I still have a lot to cover for the test, I growled and plopped on the bed. After I was satisfied that I was ready I turned off the lamp on my side table and passed out.

It seemed only minutes passed when my alarm yelled at me to wake up in the morning. I gathered all my things and went down to the kitchen for some coffee. Mrs. Parker, her sister and her nephew were  in the kitchen with mom. I had thought about sneaking out and getting a coffee on the way, but the stupid stair creaked.

"Oh honey, come in and meet Cathy's sister, " she said cheerfully. Her nephews back was to me, but he had the same curly brown hair I remember from years ago. I rounded the table until we were all face to face. My, my life had been good to Nathan I thought as I looked into his dark green eyes.

"This is my daughter Mandy, " mom announced.

"Wow you have turned into a pretty young lady, don't you think so Nathan," she teased. We both looked at each other with the same embarrassed look. Before he could answer I announced I was late for work and hurried out the door without coffee.

When I got to work Cindy started babbling about Caleb coming to town again. I was only half listening, because I was flashing back to earlier in the kitchen. Nathan was all grown up alright, and he was definitely a delight on the eyes.

"Did you hear her?" Cindy repeated.

"Oh no I'm sorry, what were you saying," I replied.

Even though the concert was months away Cindy wanted to go into one of the bigger cities to shop for the perfect outfit this weekend. I agreed just to shut her up, Mr. Lyle hated when we chatted to each other and not the customers.

Another day flew past as I entered the parking lot at school, and I got a case of nerves as I entered the classroom. I hated tests, even when I knew I was prepared. I guess it was the whole waiting for the results I despised. I finished my test early, and rested my head on my desk until time was up.

When I got home mom was in the kitchen cooking diner, and it smelled delicious as always. "Hey mom," I called over her shoulder.

"Oh hey honey, your just in time the Parker's are coming over for diner," she sang. I ran upstairs to change, and freshen up real quick.

I heard the door bell ring and I ran down stairs to answer the door.

The End

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